NO. 53, | touch spirits or drink of any kind. And I|

| cialis, - Se ge inicio ca eB er

ioned school of thinkers who hold thatwine, | Fire and Marine Insurance Co.

| oe ; and especially port, should bo, consumed TESS.

Dougall & Falkiner after dinner ; beer, and especially bitter| HEAD OFFICE—Hamilton, Ont Bees 28, ko., Notaries and Cone > Top. 3 a | bese with luncheon ; and apirita, especially | aE BM a) voyancers, Money to loan on farm

» 9) LED brandy, were to be taken befo: 0) Property at low ; ; NSURANGE COMPANY OF LIVERPOOL, ENCLAND. y pe taken boforo going to | DEPOSIT WITH DOMINION COVERNMEN y at low rates TO LIVERPOOL, | Belleville and Wellington, == JOY, bed, with two pipes. Ho clung to these 1 $50,000. | ALR Dovoaur. d2w N.B. Pavcoren . LiAniiry oy SuAREHOLDERS UNLIMITED, = habits, and it seemed flippant that so young PRESIDENT ; : ——- : x Dave in the Weeks a = For the Intelligencer. a man should refuse to conform with them JOHN HARVEY (of J. Hl £ Ce) , Flint & Jellett, "\OMMENCING on Ist Juno, leaving Belle- | ¢ arnceiine & “§10(000:001 ot zoe ow JOHN HARVEY (of J, Harvey & Co, or The Canadian Bahkof Comme ai Wee ee bpteckion the Tebowing mhorac||\CABITAL = ==" ts 5 ve Sistoooroo0 Joy is the shyest bind fin A Sa VICH-PREAIDERT 5 Be STERS, Attornics-st-Law, Bolle ALLAN LINE, [iesitetn Bion Betis te) Resear incom - "=" - ”"ooome | HS atte oe |g een in aa ee ie pbaran” «°° | Balers onyen” Sve Eble + | Saturdays of cach week, 1 B . wety “Do not seek to see ths Mawaczr—F. R. DES loville, Ont, is |ton abil am, Loave Wellington at 2.12, | a, povAy Insurance Company hasithe| *1 eft the vision be. 29 ‘Woll, sir, they are not singularities at Peareimtireaeelayrel 7 tar Joun J.B. Fuater, Lt eS first-class Olyde built iron steamships | ‘arriving in Belleville at 6 Me tue | largest surplus of any Fire Insurance Company “But a flutter of departiig wings.” all, At least 1 do not mean them as such, + 8, ROEBUCK—Ixsrecror, + - <i cs ae siSe fourying the ee] LAKE & JENKINS in the world. n ; , arated They are the customs of the country.” E. L. AUNGER, A t, Bellevu and United States Mails,) will be despatched 4 Joy, the angel warbler sings “Do y - es b » Agent, elleville. Se =e oa METH RY 5 ow with folded wits t “Do you mean that no one in Arcadia} Juno from Guebes foc Liereee! and Londonderry TU THE CHMETERY. Ta OR Nenoome Dwelling, Store, Just now with folded winks Acinks anything?” Jane 19, 1878. an ea = so yare | Merchandiso, Warchouses, &o, against loss by | ‘The alightest breath would fright, Not quite. Only that a Ia : 7 =< SAILINGS FROM QUEBEC. Thoy Will also rin '& Bus to the: Cemetery | fro, at equitable rates. Ido, bellevarscoa tion avert us, Brant: the to ma eter’ VALUABLE LITHOGRAPHIC STONE " ovory Friday, weathor permitting, leaving 7 pln ie 1 , a the towns, are tem «8, Attorneys-at-Law, Solici« 11th May. ry y : The softest sigh would waft it out of right, | pera 4 d th y , Solici " thoir Office at 2p. m., remaining at the Como- Rouru & Tarnzy, Chiof Agonts, Montreal. perance men, and that in my part of the

- tors in Chancery, Insolvency, and Me- MU@AVIAN tt tery 30 minutes. Fare for the round trip Listen | there's the prelody again ; country very few drink at all.” QUARRY, MILL AND MACHINERY, | “tanice’ tiem cases, Conveyancern, By bcs SARDINIAN, m “ke 4 Ley T. DONNELLY lives in overy, atraitt, “Well !'" said Mr, Pomeroy. ‘‘ Large > | omice aver Clark's Drug Store, comer . IAN. slloville, Ma 878. - on, li ot A y ; Bridge and ont § , Be! © Bolloville, May 11, 1878 age ing 20, US ETOP fetestlense Aanliealeres dainetions: In the Village of MARMORA, | A. 3 Perensom tA. G.W. Pereuany BA. r aS By one who hearkens onl: in.” on the Saturday after the first o! J = + = et a 32a Se y one who hearkens only thy refrain, Riose evenings that John took Lettice for . County of Hastings, Simpson & Bogart, Wises Gah note THE SCOTTISH COMMERCIAL I hear it in the distance still, her drive, FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BAwnisteRs and Attornics-at-Law, So- SARDINIAN, | 13th ; "Dll faint and fainter the last trill On the Sunday morning, when she came a eye F licitors in Chancery, &c. Office, Centre Sen iene «N Fire Insurance Comp'y of Glasgow. Dies now upon my ear, lesving sorrow drear. down the Friars at cleven o'clock, he was 1 Up geS tho provisions of the Joint Stock | Block, Front Strect, Belleville 4 PERUVIAN, 20th eth : Farewell! happy day, now far away. i i - Companies’ Winding-np Act, will be| J. HS ; “o POLYN N)_ 27th Carrran =.» ~~ Two MILLions STeruixo. Who will wipe from my eyes the silent teary waiting for her in the porch of the church. | offered for salo the property of the | a ic g RATES OF PASSAGE. A ; meron $1,500, 000 E.F.H, |, Hesaw that sho had put on her new Fraleck & Blair. From Quebec to Liverpool or Londonderry, NCOME . per 1000,000 | London, June 14, 1878, perks oe eat She was not surprised | Ontario Lithographic Stone Com- RS, &¢., No, 27 Can bell St. Cabin $70 to $80, according to position of a —__—_- o seo him. ‘I thought you would be pany, Pra ENE) pel . atato-room. PROVINCE OF fARIO BRANCH. Canada’s National Anthem. here,” she said, simply. ‘‘ You can come

pablarene a ere cents Wai leave Pet We HEAD OFFICE, = to church with me ; we are just in time.” ‘Hoon Buarn, ntermodiate $40 Sudays excepted) a

“a be a “Geo. D. Dickson a Stoorage, which includes a plontifal supply urday, when she will leave at 2:45 a.m. 7 Toronte St. Toronto. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, oe Me pe ae oy go eh OITY OF BELLEVILLE ARRISTE ‘eB Dicksonieg ae bs] a visi arvo y ton for Belleville . Hail } Queen Victoria | h him, but she refused, on the Tbe eer : ck, BAO ocr SP palanaeenten bythe wins and intermediate ports at 4:30 p. th. Soe y(t N Bee Ea Chalrnapy, President Sir Sans, Gomi, . gronnal of early ‘dinner, and he was in fain ON Brides Street, Belleville, » Nickel pe “Hastings” connects at Kingston with the Canada Landed Credit Company, _ ‘Hail Gracious Queen ! to let hor go. After the door of Number 5 ae tas iin elon rates sooan | GT-R. going Bast and West: the Royal Mail | Joux’ 8, Puavrarr, Eaq., (of Bryce, MoMur- Lord give hor length of days, ive adn anon haba wits ei atelaiand Paturday, the 6th day of July et Meatahin 7 Steamer at Queboc, passes Belleville every 2 for Montreal, rich & Co.) : wy jedan aida all hor ways, dull the whole place seomed | And what 4 next, at noon. ca HY -at Law, Solicitorin Chancery Frid Passengers go at once on |: y steamers for Capo Vincent, and | Wiiuram ALEXANDER, Esq., Vico-President ‘anada fond tribute pays, a dismal placo London bi =Lond Buildings, Corne: yrick—In McAnany’s tiday at noon. ~)Nassongers’ go AY une 1 Canal and Otta Federal Bank of Canada. To her lov'd Queen, Pp So uildings, Corner of Front and Bridge Streets, board. For further inforination apply to be % “Y on Sundays ! LOT 1. Bellovill , Ont. d. An experienced Surgeon accompanies cach W. H. CAMPBELL & Co. Insrrotor--Ronent McLean. Peace now in triumph reigns, Asyet, ho knew, there could be no| All that valuable Lithographic Stone Quarry | go ¢. ee ronald eee Belleville, April 15, 1878. Resipent Sxonerany—Lawnencr Bucian. O'er the wide spreaé Momains, uestion of love. She was nota girl who situatein the village of Marmora, in the Coun-| Sam'l. S. Wallbridge, Jr., LL. Be, rth nod secured unti paid for. .t rs ed 7 = r ,, OF our Tov'd Queen t t ve-making ; ty of Hastings, with the Mill, Steam Engine, TTORNEY-AT-LAW, Solicitor i } Porvons wishing to send for their friends can mn Deposited with the Government at Ottawa Liberty's Trump shall sound, tipnablnkJoresmakingy she) hed Dis erm Boller (25 horve pawer,) ‘hres. gangs of -tiora cery, (ES Hippie btain passage cortiicatce at Towest rates from ie ofc’ for security of Canadian Policy Holders, $100,- Feling to neo ame the slightest fictation ; ignorant of every | Potuis sets of scons each, Srucks, whoels, belt, Grahams) Block, entrance from Campboli agland and or Scotland, to any. raliway eS. | 000. 4 Sate ° i‘ x | ing and gearing complete, together with the | Street, Belleville, station in Cauada or tho United States, (When Ee Pe arth ern lesliaisapteltettence With Britain's Queen ! thing, of the world, of tho ways of men, of | derrick, with iron and stecl-wice rope for tals: | Ont. ss dkewitf tickets are not used the amount is returned, The St “UTICA” agninst loas’or damage by firo or lightning on Per . society, of her own sex, she accepted the | ing blocks of stone complete; situate and be- Alex. Robertson, Ions n small deduction.) C) eamer ? Torcautile, manufacturing, farm and house. Spe Bu i oreien wears artes suit and service of John Aghton as an vn- | ing on part of Lot NUMBER SIX, in the 4th ARRISTER and Attorney-at-Law, Solici fetresingd See rena % J. A. PORTE, Cartas, bol risks, at gurrent rates. 2 1A Mars hear Gen { expen Cte to be sake Snore on ct Sey and part of Park as ror in Cranes, piobaey Public, taagow, ins g) ani - Aner olicies are issued from and losses settlec ing % M itude, but which had one great draw- | Lot No. 15, Catherine Street, M ra Vil- cor, &. Ovrvicke—Ri N 5 t 0 Marshall the C gr ‘eo armora ¥ ‘oom No, *Bollovillo $32, ers tal) at 6 celock, calle directly by the Toronto Office, without delay. Sone of a Mi oe " teen Back, because he would soon go away and | lage. now Block. Bridge Street. Intermodinte and atocrayo Stowardesses are | 1) at Reduorville and all Portsbetween tho} All *remiuma taken in this country are in- That vanquished Europe's boast, leave her alone again in a desolation which LOT IL $$$ a) pointed to cach of the vessels, head of the Bay and Picton, leaving Belleville | Vested ip Canadian securities ee God Save the Queen ! would be aggravated by the memory of| ot No, 2, in the Gth concession Marmora, is David B. Robertson, x Sa.m. Will leave Pic 1pm . t, NEWBERY, ast j A i i Jefe 3! P a. » | (SxcreTAny Graxp Joncriox ts susuiy Biogas and every information | £15 3" tho head ef the Bay + leaving Belle | 756 Agent. XE hostile Hosta sate, Bad boomed to lock Send with taba eee TD a ae ter LETHOe Octane) eee opply ville at 5 p.m. 7 = =e Ti axing to Naval Gght,, . ness to his visits; already sh trying t 5 TE with oy © rie TTORNEY-at-Law, Solicitorin Chance: i U. E. obits Omnibuses in ‘waiting at Picton and Bolle- QU HBIN Nee Gn ae think what she would play that he would Tce om pe gr fA Notary Public, &c, fo. Orrice—No. 1, . ; 2 . i : ¢ Canadian Express Office, ville. W. H. CAMPBELL & Co ‘To staunch het wooden Walls, like ; already she was remembering and| There will be a reseryed bid for each of the Stroot, ee pepe 8 Block, Bridge May, IS78 © Belleville’ irae Tea Belleville, INSURANCE com PANY Vulcan ! forge red hot balls, treasuring up his words; already her | above properties. P. S.—-Money ielendien cay ¢ nie

‘To aid our Queen, brother had the second place in h Tr 8 i >. F. McCUAIG, Agents Picton. ¥ P in her} Terms or Sare.—Ten per cent, deposit at | Mortgages bought and sol TOWN AGENCY pee {oCUAIG, Agent, Picton. mee Of Liverpool and Lonion. Hill a este ce thoughts. time of sale; 40 percent. one month there- oth daly, 1875. le

. e : ; ; . . ftor, and balance on receiving a good title. a0 _ . - - 3 Long may thy virtues shine, There isa sad monotony about the his- ~ Rag Grand Trunk Railway. = = Sars Geen ! hn hee 3

Londonderry and Glasgow.

Monoan JeLumrny Delaney & Ostrom,

3m 2 135

(unless previously disposed of by private con- tract,) at the Court House in the

The Mi H . iL D. s iberty’s Queen. tory of love affairs. Two young people of The Mill and. property can. be inspected on Hi. May, L. D. S.,

7 Hope bids contentious fe: 3 ~ application to Wellington McWilliams, Tay- DENTIST. FIRE AND LIFE. With a' those factious years, oppoaite.sexesimeet—anoe—twise=- thrice. é


ern keeper, Marmora, Pe FFICE—Coleman's Block, Front Street, %

are Be drowned in loyal cheers, The young man goes away and dreams of| For farther particulars and conditions, ap- directly opposite Mr. Hambly’s Drag

F Capital, - - £2,000,000 Stg. Hor our lov'dl Queen, Hie gies late, andibes eyes, encore Wey | By) To ee poxe aew6m y ‘, VOICe ; eo 1s 1) ‘ul to him, her ges- Sade

WE ST Picton and Belleville. Invested Funds £2 589027 | potevitte City, July 1, 1878 WFtira | Usceanthise walk? het dress? 1 Becnins Liquidator of the Ontario ag TY BrADAcaMnes

e e a —— d bi h ad Lithographic Stone Company, remoyed his DENTAL OFFICE

aa TT HE subsoribers would intimate to the FORBES & MUDGE, SES Te etteraen “negheent to think of | ,..dtd Post Oilice Block, Belleyille cross the street, over Davenport's 2 travelling public that during the month MOonTrRAL, Sh h d All d M id ty f} him d $355 hi hink what CHAS. WILKINS, » | Fur Store. dew. o

GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY. | of May, (Welland Canal not opening before Chief Agents for Canada, epherds All and Maidens Fair. | him, to wonder about him, to think wha

L rh Auctioneer, = the 15th), they will put on the bay route, be- ss 2 he would like her to do, to say, to dress GREAT REDUGTION. IN. FARES. | tween Picton and Belleville, calling at inter- | _‘v+ A: Suntann, Agont, Belleville, like. And so on—we know therest.. But | ~

Jos. Caldwell, , b af. Aei : A A URGEON DENTIST, formerly of Belle-

RETURN TICKETS TO ALL mediate ports, the new steamer now being ‘Fle is a practical young fellow,” he said | what pretty thing it is to watch, to prac- Insolvent Act of 1875, ille, late of Ottawa, bh % PRINCIPAL POINTS. built for them by Mr. Shicklons, of St AGENTS WANTED one morning. ‘Phat in what I'like him| Yice—ontco ina life—and to tell! And, AON AMENDING AGTS, . ~ | in Roberteon's new blocky pa gaseman i Catharines. This Boat is being built express- TX every Town and County in Ontario. | for. Nono of your dreamy lot, who go to after all, the monotony is only in this bald P 2 ee ville. Tooth extracted without pain. : ly for the bay route, capable of carrying be- | L Send for terms and outfit at onco, or for| bed at night thinking that all the world | way of putting it. Ono might as well say | In the Mattor of Joux Lewis, of the City of Nov. 16. d&wly

m tween four and five hundred passengers, and sample copy. a are struggling who shall bo first to help that a SLdskian 2 figure is monotonous be- Belloville, in the County cn Hastings, a8 |, = =8 Sipe pa

| Mere Issued to all parts; fewer | Well furnished with all the necessary conve- D. DOWNIE & Cv., them. No, no; he means to help himself | cause an artist’s model resembles it, and all an‘individual * Dr. Higinbotham,

changes of Cars to tho principal cities of | hence for passenger and freight traffic, ‘and 4, King St. West, first—that is his line, Meantime ho is| artists’ models are alike. Ono might ‘a Awirkaoerans ) PASEO Barapa Accoucheur, &c, tho West than by any other route. for speed, safety and comfort will be first- Toronto. | young, and of course believes that people LL f the sea that it is monotonous ; HEREBY, purauant to the Statute in that Bice ands Rasidense next Rose e ay Tickots issued direct toChicago, FortGarry, closs in every’respect, “Timo table in future T FPT eS aT ae are not all envious of success, and chiefly Re he ak Ont it never changes ; or of behalf, and in accordance with the re Hor euaee Epreat Moliovis Methodist, Camb aaa Omaha, San Francisco, the Black Hills Gold | advertisement. Si op 7 = a {| anxious to throw stones at men going up| a hillsid Ys ed with hangi peek Y that | quirement of the Inspectors, call a meeting of Dr. R Tracy,

Pippen aus) say poi’ a tia Wort, i SC Ne WONDERFUL DISCOVERY the ladder. Gar! wait till he isa littl ee tate salle enemas % the creditors of the aSove named Insolvent as : 23 A ‘rtics purchasing Ticketa by the Grand | April 13, 1878, dew OND ERRULTDISUDVERY, Patt cise eee cr alam [ts Ob oUrs Dal Tupor ede eye: seer Nvidnal, to be heli a my ofioe in\thel|®f [ao ctese naan ont area Trunk save the trouble and annoyanco of - -_—— if || aces 2 :

c y : = =r | How was it, however, with the Idle Ap- | City of Belleville, on Tuesday, the 9th day of | prepared to meet his patients, as usual, Duanging ears oF reshocking baggage in To-| FOR MONTREAL AND INTERMEDIATE PORTS. |! EIVIPRESS FRELIEF. || ,q.rteProspect of seeing John speedily be-| prentice} : Sate doxt at throe.o’clnek inthe, afternoon, | 5% planes ces, Hotel sree = Seana ay Daxeeiocc money taken at par forall points | Tux Commoniov axp Favorite PASSENGER = Mn. Por great a misanthrope as hinmelf/put SORE ORTAUEDY for the purpose of reveling the sppolntzient m., and alter Pp m, daily. ce %

»DIOUS, AX : PASSENG || i i SS eed West of Detroit. AND Fretout STEAMER THE FRIEND OF MANKIND, | r. Pomeroy in good humor. of the Inspectors, or such of them as may

= : pe oS = eee! | “T wish he would come eyery night,” he determined upon by the creditorsat suchmeet-| J. . Murphy, M.D., M. ©. P. S.5 —- | 7 s Ight, Sngee} b : Tickets oan bo purchased of as An Internat AND Exrernan Remepy. |] | 8tid. ‘‘We are poor company with each M J | R & LAWRANGE ae Sate ar jeaiaa,ta the wits a House Surgeon of Kingston Genera . ; af he other, Lettice. Why don't you talk to me incumbered separate or individual real estate Hospital, Graduate of Queen's University UU. BH. TECIoMPson, ae x BALM KOR BEVERY: WOUND. |} | sometimes ?” - of th said Tnolvant ‘and for the ordering of Physician, fuse a eee ak: T G.T. SS rats . ae 9 E , . { Pron Oven Geenté Drug Store aren STE amenaer2een fs ue vr oy PLAT” Técurds Rhepmatian ond Nonrgiesandlll|e \,, er ie here ha being Histarbore ARE SHOWING i iabiaira oh ihe ipeate) gonorally, inclicios | formerly occupied by Dr. Holden. dwt Trunk Kills all pa 7, *Denvit who can.” ut, tut, Every man likes conversa- retes " sat , ———— Dea eae eon ALBXANDRA, tion. I'do not like prattle, Now, Ashton directed, or acted upon at such mecting. John J. Faricy, M.D,

: {Farr Dated Belleville, 19th June, A.D. 1878. 2 Carr. Suivit : : aft talks well. Why don’t you pay him alittle “! / ARK t FFICE.—Front Street, over Chandler Agont G. T, R. . ti the “‘Amoric: ' y ; you pay LL A RIMEN J, PARKER THOMAS,

= eer TILL leave Trenton every Monday morn- || hy thousands.” Asaoonasapledegives | | more attention! Then he would come @ BU SSORTE E g (

Aaioane Drng Store, Residence—Dafoe House, ing at six o'clock, gud Belleville at nine | |! ; STE RESESTeeierE little oftener, perhaps.” esis pa ees be a 7 o'clock, f, rf pada as Ab aeaoinmag tallt the instant ease to the unfortunate sufferer.

“WT aig?” ; F ines B.S. Wilson, M. D. ©.M.,

+--+ ———-— = ines ;

Rapids} inclading Lachine, [vis rapidly absorbed, penetrates to the|f] 1 ie 2 ae cpsne bese ons 4 BOONE HYSICIAN and Surgeon, Graduate turning, leases Montreal every Thursday | Yery bone, enters the circulation, noutral- i] | J-ottice Played! for an hour. She playe: In the County Court of the MoGill University, Montreal ; Licentiate

at noon, for River and. Bay Ports. For far- | |) #ingall"* Rheumatic Poison” circulating | with expression and with skill, Alone all| wens and Boys Soft Fur Hats. f Hasti of the College of Physicians and Surgeont, ther information, apply to the Captain on {| in tho blood, and expelsitirom the system|| | (#¥, music was. her principal solace, and County of Hastings. ‘Quebec; formerly House Apothecary ot Mon»

EXCHANGE OFFICE | | board, or to through tho natural outlets,” |] | her piano the friend’ to whom she confided | qo do Soft Wool Hats. treal General Hospital; Coroner for the

W. H. CAMPBELL & Co., Tp CURES all her ee eke Played, eo the ae In a matter of winding up the County ° Saar pisiséle\ SORES ts ronts. ‘oung man sat beside her isten ats, eaidenco and ice. Pinnacle 4 Belleville, April 30,1878, dew ee is os ue do Hard Wats, so, | ONTARIO LITHOGRAPHIC STORE COMPANY, ?

* » . the house recently occupied by A. L. Bogart, = oe W | | Toothache, Earache, Headache, Neuralgia, At homo,” he murmured in her ear— under tho provisions of the Esq., nearly opposite the Dafoe Houso, ‘d&w \j f THOMPSON 1878, 1875, |] Rheumatism, Sprains, Swellings, Inflam- || ‘at home wo haye choral societies and at AOU. s . J oF

», —- ore

Se arte BeuuoePan in Side|| | madvigal clube-—T belong tocone-=butthere| do Paramatta, aud: | goint Stock Companies Winding S. A. Abbott, M.D. RADUATE of 9 University, and oor Cong has Coltss “Br chaos asad you.” do do Straw Hats. aie eeys G SS onked of the itloge ot Phyniciata and diarrhoea, Dysontery, Surmmer complaints Sho blushed with pleasu: It was the LL claims against the above Company are | Surgoons of Ontario. Orvice—Over Clarka'a A as oe he EX 7 ke Roy» ee first time any one had avons praioell her. | do do Tweed Hats. fA to be forthwith furnished to the under: | Drug Store, Corner Front and Bridge Streets,

Gold oar aireseeiDralte ee rclisd Bloee ss 3 It will cure the most agonizing Pain in-|j | Good Heavent if people only knew the signed. BENJAMIN WALKER, Belleville. al5s

+ why tornal or external, In one 10 Softee: nower of praiée, and how it wins the re f th J. A. Stanistreet. Panks, anc Groenhaoke bought and old at! BELLEVILLE TO OSWEGO. ||| tate smrpenccesntgvetes tral | fove of men’ and’ women |” Praisg every: Ontario Lithograghie Stone Co'y, RGANISTNSt. Andrew's Church, Protos: Interests allowed on deposits, subject to a To ene ciet orca || body, you who want popularity; but det Post-oifice Block, Belleville. sor of Organ, Piano Forte, Singing and withdrawal without notice, at 4, 6, and 6 (THE STRAMEI : ||| praise, if you mean what you say, not as = - - Harmony. Otfice, at E. Harrison's 3 we

yeas KINCARDINE ara wort oT suse wt all | though gah are snerng oe urging we| ALLL THE NOVELTIES Store =

—— = sople will hate you. Let ever t boa m5 © Ro ; : harmless, pleasant to take, gives instant |} | Prot, ; ROP ni Evans & Bolger, JIST RECEIVED, Cart. Pexprr, ease, and can be applied to a wider 5 Jha) are! : woman, a goddess, every in tho Millinery Department. ROVINOIAL LAND SURVEYORS, V ILL until further notice, leave Belle: | }{of diseaso in overy day life, with greater || | NOVelst 8 Uickens, every newspaper writer "y

i Architects, Civil Engineers and Land ~ Ar THE : ville for Oswego every, Fripay morn- | }{ success, than any preparation which re-!} | * Macaulay ; then you will be greatly lov- 285 Robertson Block. Dein am Gi tee Unt ing at 10 o'clock, calling at Millpoint, Picton, | ] search, skill, and '* Medical Science” has ed, and backbiters will have to operate on ico—Domii kK ,

ip ITPAOTURERS " Street, Belleville. Surveying in

- all Bay Ports, and Kingston, —connecting at | }) yet produced. Ta Wat LF other people's backs—tbe backs of' those MANUFACTURERS OF bandas in any part of Ontario pas) INTELLIGENCER OFFICE Oswego with Trains for Rochester, Syracuse, Asin proof of its great powor over dis- |] | who criticise and blame. ADV FR IS N ( Ory 4 7 d -

Up Act.

Pain in back, Pain in chest, Pain inshoul- || is no one among us who can play like Butpox Sraxet, Becievii.x, Ont. 13 play

New York d Philadelphi: attended to. Drawings, Specifications, Bow aX cheyenne vale ease, any person, no matter who it may be, “Shall Ising for you?” asked the young

Stoves, Shovels, ete. of inventions prepared and Eatent a yplied for.

RETURNING, Rich or Poor, Old or Young, who ia suffer. || ™man. ‘Or perhaps you will sing for Joux D. B ls Tos. .

Mea vee Ouwaa = Nh— P.L,5., C, . & A. eaves Onwego at 6 p. m. every Turspay ing from any of the above painful com- mo, . J —— es for Kingston and Bay Ports, arriving at Be plaints, will call at the Offico.in Toronto, ‘" No,” she replied. “I have no voice: Has created many a new business; Thomas Gardner,

; | ville next mipraiay ; any day of tho week, will get practical | | What will you sing 7” Has onlarged many an old business ;

; Send for Price List—Office and | PLAIN and Ornamental Plasterer, Slate” Connecting at Oswego with steamers for roof, ‘UF, y 7 c H:s revived many 4 dull business Roofer, Cementing, &o, Contre Piccor Chicago, and alsowith Oswego Belle for To- proof, ‘<Erao of Charge,” of its may gical He looked about among her music and rescued many a lost businoni ; house, 309 St. Paul St. cade to ordan ronto and Hamilton; ; | || bower over pain Th one application. found a song which ho know, It was a eyed many ® falling busines Warehouse, $00.5 Kwrenexces-—Hon. Robert Read, Wim, E 50 LBS Fares and freight very low. Testimonials from all parts of the sore jest wong, and he sang vory well, Has preserved many a largo businoss| -p L Be aa rope! Fe a tS aE Dominion are constantly. coming to hand, | MOT beg Te Pati «y ‘And snaurea success in any business, MON TRHAL-. Belleville, Deo. 6th, 1875, ARE on Wednesdays and Thursdays. giving expression to the most gratefal Ah!" said Mr. Pomeroy, “I used to me eeras tees ooh on fist ———__—— Special rates made for live stock. gratitude for adtonishing cures ohick it |} | sing once myself.” May 13, 1878. 12.1y oe: rag hn, THOMAS, ae 95 LBS For farther information apply to has porformed, and we wotld be pleased Lettice hoard this withamazoment. Mr. | PNsURAD

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AND J. MH. BATES, 41 Pank Row, New York, E our Agents in that city, and aro au- thorized to centract for advertising at


our lowest rates.

ee. * = = . C a Daily Muteliigeucer. BELLEVILLE, WEDNESDAY, JULY be B@ Tho demand for the Day InTEL- LIGENcER containing the account of the celebration on Dominion day, was 80 great that the langooxtra dition waa sold out early this morning. Tho whole account of the proceedings, except tho historical part, will appear in Thursday’s weekly, and per- sons desiring extra copies to sond away,can be supplied if they will leaye their orders

‘at once at the office of the paper. —_—_————


Tho writer of “Current Events” in the Rose-Belford Canadian Monthly, in tho course of an able and impartial discussion ‘of recent speeches by the leaders of the op- posing political parties, thus satisfactorily defines tho requirements of the country in regard to the readjustment of the tariff :—

«The question which the electorate will be asked to determino—and it ia really the only principle at stake—is whether this country is to have a national policy, defensive, not re- taliatory, encouraging, not forcing industries which may and can flourish among us? Ts Mr. Cartwright’s policy discouraging manufactur- ea to prevail any longer, or shall a fiscal scheme suitable to the needs and the environ- ment of the Dominion be inagurated ? With Free Trade or Protection as theories we are not concerned ; the issue before the country in pressing, concrete, practical, The Finance

ister not only refuses incidental protec- cme Canadian industries, but when he might do even a little on their behalf, actu- ally goes out of his way to avoid even the sus- icion of a duty which might possibly be of nefit to the community. If there be two articles, ono of which can neither be produc- ed, prepared nor manufactured in Uanada,and another which may be either or all of Mr, Cartwright is sure to chooso the

first for the subject of taxation, even if it boa necessary of life, Now it certainly seems to ordinary common sense that sucha policy

_ is simply suicidal, and that no scheme better calculated to stunt the growth, and impede the as of the Dominion, could possibly be devised. What have wo to do with the results of American Protection—excessive to the vergo of insanity—or with Cobden’s Free Trade in corn, thirty years ago, in England ? ‘The problem to be solved is what fiscal sys- tem is best suited to Canada, here and now, considering the neighbors with whom she has to deal, and the way she is troated by those neighbors. Nothing is more provoking- ly irrational than those constant appeals to _ an old country—having a monopoly in ship- ping and manufactures—such as form tho style of Ministerial speeches. In an English review lately, an instructive paper on ‘* Poli- tics in Australasia,” contained this pointed romonstrance with the theorists; ‘* Colonial litics, when discussed in Great Britain, are invariably treated from a home point of view,

Free Trae has proved remarkably successful

in promoting the commervial prosperity of

the Mother Country ; therolore the colonists

of Victoria ought to adopt a Free Trade tariff, and are rank heretics for presuming to think that Protectionist principles are better suited

_ to the peculiar circumstances of the colony. Tho argument, indood, is not put in that bold p there is much talk of immutable prin- es and the like, but that is the pith of it.”

fact, the economic theory, £0 far as it bears

upon this question, 1s grounded on the fal- lacy that any set of scientific axioms of uni- versal application can be dogmatically assert- ed, where the subject matter is so variable and complex as hnman society, It is as rea- sonable to ask assent to principles stated, with mathematical precision on fiscal matters,

as to scrawl out a constitution, in tho conti- nental fashion, to be adopted by all peoples

or forced upon them. el Mackenzie, like most of the school, went back to the Anti-

Corn Law Ae in England, but what

analogy can be drawn between the Mother

Country in 1845-6 and Canada in 1878? in the

former case,there were then three factors inthe

calculation, over-population, an insufficiont supply of grain,and established manufactures, fearing no rival. Here we have sparse popu- lation, in isso abundant as to be largely exported, and there are no manufactures in Proportion to the resources of the country ; et the doctrinaire, having found the benefit, at home of Freo Trade in corn, in- sists upon applying his two-foot-rule, where it absolutely useless or worse, In England, the measure which gave the people cheap bread, may be called Free Trade, if the ring of that phrase pleases any one, but it was in re- ality a policy which fostered the national in: dustrios, as certainly and porhaps moro surely than if it had beon called Protection, and taken tho form of bonuses, bounties or cus- toms’ dutics. Free Trade in corn meant, in fact, rapid fortunes to tho cotton lords of Manchester, and the cutlers of Sheffield. It was thus a contest between the and the factory—a hard running match in the pursuit of wealth. There was nothing olevated, still less cosmopolitan, or even humane inthe movement ; it was, from its first inception, purely selfish in aim, how- ever financial its results, England at that time, adopted the policy her internal condi- tion and relative position amongst the nations dictated ; why should our rulers refuse to act in the same common sense now ? What scems imperatively demanded is a fiscal system bas- ed upon an intelligent and comprehensive aur- vey of the circumstances in which Canada is Inced, first, as a new country, struggling for its rightful place among the nations, and sec- ondly, as conterminous with a more powerful, wealthy, energetic, not over reeset! and commercially hostile Republic. The man would be deomed an idiot who should insist upon the dismantling of England's forts and fleets, because they do without them in Ice- or Madagascar. Our Cherbourg, Cronstadt, and Sebastopol are out of doors, being aoe with fiscal barriers and offen- sive weapons from New Brunswick to Van- couver, No ono ever yot proposed uniform laws, martial cquipments, or sys: tems of Government ; why is this rage for an impossible uniformity of sys- tem only carried into the infinite variety of phase manifest in trado relations and exigen- cies? The country has a right to insist that ita rulers shall shelve their text books, and set to work upon hard facts—the facts writ- ten in broad characters upon the fair face of this noble Dominion, and enforced with pe- culiar emphasis by the monacing aspect of ite surroundings. And yet thousands, who sin- serely beliove that aradical change in fiscal Roliey ism vital necessity, will neverthel Jey in their power to perpetuate tho un- Ry lotio aystem now in voguo, solely because fre escape from the malign influence _

Famine 1x —Ty

in Brazilfis ro reed renee e. Th

drought has dovastated whole districts in tho north of the Empire and gon; fre tions of the South. The to be dying by thousands, yates in mournful, famino-strickon groups in the larg jes, whore their condition {q the moro pitiablo, as there aro not auf. ficient means to roliove them. Thero is no hope now for tho cotton crop, prospocts for the sugar-cane aro not 60 bad

10 por- People’ aro paid

ato of things |


wo wat A


Grand Inaugural Celebration.


THE BANQUET. This ovent took place in tho evening at | 7:30 at the Dafoe House, and was a happy continuance of the day's proceedings. spacious dining hall of tho establishment was appropriately decorated for the oc- casion ; festoons of evergreens wero sus. pended from the chandeliers and mottoos various significations encireled the root “God Saye the Queen was conspicuous | at the head, ‘May our Country Prosper” adorned the foot of the room, whilat on the sides wore “Success to our Industry,” “May our City Prosper,” ‘“Weleome to our Guests,” and ‘Economy and Prosper: | ity.” Miniature Union Jacks and Stars | and Stripes commingling made the scone a | pleasant one. i At the head of tho table sat His Worship | Mayor Robertson, supported on his right by Mayor Deacon, of Lindsay, and Messrs. | Forris and Striker, M.P.P.’s. On his left wero Mayor Henry and Superintendent Lindley, of Brantford, and Mayor Toole, of Peterbpro, Aldermen Bergemin and Bar- ber, of Watertown, N. Y., some of our City Aldermen, and a number of prominent rosidents of this locality were also present. ‘Ald. Robertson filled the duties of the Vice- chair satisfactorily. The Band of the 15th Batt. A. L. 1, lent a helping hand, and at frequent intervals discoursed a number of pleasing selections. Tho tables were plen- tifully furnished with all that the appetite could wish for, and a corps of attentive and bliging assistants lont their endeavors to upply the wants of the guests. Aftor tho good things provided had been disposed of, the Mayor roso and remarked that as some cf tho guests were going away and as those present wished to witness the fireworks and torchlight procession, it became necessary to abreviate the list of toasts and make the peeches as short as possible 10 as to accomplish that end, He expressed his satisfaction with the result of the demonstra- tion, which he considered had beon very suo- cossful ; it was indeed a proud day for the city—it was a proud day for him as its May- r, and he felt a just pride in the success of the inauguration of the city, Tho oxcellent manner in which the programme had been carried out was not alone attributable to the fforts of the members of the Council, but to hose citizens who nobly camo fo:ward and nt valuable assistance in beautifying our roots and’giving the place its handsome ap- pearance, They built arches and they decor- ated their dwellings in a very pretty manner. Several had come forward and, with their own means, built handsome structures to adorn the streets, Corby & Sons, Ritchie & Co,, W. Y. Mikel and the Commercial Trav- ellers erected arches at their own expense, and he was pleased to know that they,as well as numbers of others (the ladies incluled), lent such valuable aid in decorating the city. Ho was sure it was a proud day for the city, and folt confident that if our forefathers could ave been present to see the march of im- provement that had been manifested here, they would return not only confused, but as- tounded with the improvements that have been made. The other events of the evening would now cause him to draw his speech to aclose. He would now call upon them to drink a toast—one which he felt con- fident would be received in a loyal manner. He gave ‘The Queen,” a mother whose mode should be copied in every land ; may she long live. She had already reigned 41 years, and he only trusted that she might long con- tinue to reign. ‘Tho toast was drunk amid rounds of ap- plauze,the company standing, whilst the band played ‘'God Save the Queen,” ‘The Mayor remarked that the next toast he would give referred to our neighbors across the lines. Years ago gentlemon took exception to their mode of government, others bad faith in it and eventually came to this ouatry and settled here. The former suc- ceeded in creating a republic second to none on the face of the globe, and although they are now advancing and progressing weare en- deayoring to keep pace with them. The oast ho would give was “‘long life,health and rosperity to the President of the United tutes.” The band, ‘Yankee Doodle.” Mr. E, N, Berceman, on being called upon, invoked the assistance of Mr. McGregor, who spoke of the ‘* welcomes” extended in his pro- gress through the city. These welcomes suited him, and he ‘‘took them