Mantle Hits 42nd Homer, Yankees Win

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Today—Generally fair with high of R86 followed by scattered showers at night. Thursday—Clearing and cooler. Tuesday's temperatures: High; 82 de- grees at 5:58 p. m.; low, 72 degrees at 8:40 a. m. (Details on Page 26.)

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ag New Transit

Firm Starts Operation Here Today

Chalk to Keep CTC Employes Must Negotiate

Sher- yesterday dl- agencies

Presidential Assistant Adams rected Government to judge civilian scientists on the basis of their professional integrity when they are em- ployed on non-secret Federal research projects.

Adams’ action

a report by the The District's public trans- Loyalty in portation system of 800ernment Su ; 50 streetcars April rec

busses and 00 sree , formal charges’°and open hear- began operating today under ings should be provided for new management,


. 5

. : > e . 2 New Union Pact implemented

ymmittee on

loyalty cases where the

In something of a Cinderella charges are “sufficiently seri- ceremony O. Ray Chalk, dap-/ous.” ? per New York millionaire prest- In lesser cases, the commit- dent of Trans-Carribean Air- ‘ee recommended that mere lines, became the new* owner @/legations of disloyalty should of the Capital Transit Co., at mot in themselves be sufficient

12:01 a. m.

Chalk handed a $9.1 million eheck to J.

[Professional Integrity

Standard Is Set Up On Scientist ‘Loyalty’

By Warren Unna

Staff Re

A B. Broadwater. *More Serious’ Than Berlin. Korea

‘Fair’ Plank On Loyalty In Platform

Protection of U., S. Workers Urged By Democratic

reason for denying a Govern ment scientific grant

In a letter to Dr. Detlev W Bronk, president of the Na tional Academy of Sciences, which was released by the White House yesterday, Adams declared

“The Administration ; recognizes that an atmosphere : of free inquiry and protection CHICAGO, Aug. 14—Dem-| of individual rights are pre- ocratic platform draftsmen| requisite to sound scientific tonight demanded “a fair!

WS weer @ ater the 2nd nonpolitical” Govern- greatest progress with avail ment loyalty program and able scientists and scientific fa “intelligent and sympathet- cilities, and in order to encour ic steps to return Federal

age a desirable proportion of . * ; our ablest young people to de- workers to their former and _ effici-

vote their lives to scientific re- “high morale search, this country must pro encry | See LOYALTY, Page 12, Col. 6 The Government loyalty ——iplank was one of a score re-| leased here tonight as a 16- member drafting subcommittee completed about 80 per cent of

Convention Group

By Robert C. Albright

Siall Reporter


president of the old CTC, at 12:07 a. m. in the executive offices on the second floor of the CTC building at 36th and M sts. nw

The check, drawn on the Chase Manhattan Bank of New York, represented the down payment on Chalk’s $13,540,000 purchase of the total assets of the Capital Transit Co.

The remainder of the totaly jovd said tonight Egypt's sei- purchase price will be paid off recon of the Suez Canal was —— “more serious” to Britain than


- bee

oe = —- ——-

New Transit Era Opens for District

Passing of Capital Transit Co. opens a new era on trans- it as the law provides that the firm’s successor must convert from streetcar sys- tem to an all-bus operation in seven years. Page 2

force if other measures fail to settle the dispute.

He insisted that final solu- tion must include “some sort of international control for this essential waterway.”

Lloyd spoke to the nation in a radio broadcast just 36 hours before a 22-nation conference called by the West was sched. per cent uled to get under way here. interest to the new D. C.| He called Egyptian President Transit System, Inc.’s chief Gamal Abdel Nasser a “mili mortgagor, the Universal Cor- tary dictator” and said the na- poration, in which the former tionalization of the Suez Canal CTC board chairman Louis E. was an “act of aggression.” Wolfson is the controlling. [Ljoyd’s speech was one of stockholder. the “yy declarations yet

Following completion of the issued in Britain on the Suez transfer, Chalk announced dispute. through his special counsel,, He quoted from Nasser’s Harvey Spear, that all top of- hook on the Egyptian revolu- ficials of CTC, with exception tion to show that Nasser seeks of Broadwater, would be re-'first to control the Arab world tained in the new company 1M and its oil, then all of Africa, their present capacities. and then all Moslems through-

He said further that all pres- out the world. ent heads of departments) pe noted that Nasser was would be renominated to their now speaking softly, and said, present oe at the next «that , meeting of the new owners’ , board of directors the pattern re :

: Lloyd called Nasser’s action

“lt is Mr. Chalk’s intention “a deliberate challenge.” to hire and continue in their) _.,, ag Gid positions all former em All ahem friends in the Mid ployes of the Capital Transit die East are watching to see ©o;” Spear annouhced how we meet it,” he said.

Wader the new setup Chalk if he (Nasser) Is checked Will become chairman of the ®°™*; what will his next sep ue? board and president; Morris We have to be resolute in this Fox, local transportation com- situation. pany operator, will become ree —— first vice president and secre- against e Eden sovern- tary; ah M. Buckley will poe orge on 4 nrg at eae become vice president and as- -loyd said they were “elemen- sistant sdamegnaen and Chalk’s tary precautions to safeguard wife, Claire. also will hold a British interests should the position as secretary. need arise.”

The board of directors will Be Brea Bde Be ey hoor consist of the same three per- the Berlin Blockade. Korea See TRANSIT, Page 12, Col. 5 nq Suez

“And in my view the most serious for all of us in Britain is this act of aggression against this great international water- way,” he said.

He recalled that aggression n Korea “was repelled by orce of arms.”

Lloyd said Britain has three main interests to protect: 13,



over 15 years at 5

EVERY SUNDAY in The Washington Post | and Times Herald

Must Be Firm on Suez,

Lloyd Warns Britain

LONDON, Aug. 14 #—Brit- 000 British nationals in Egypt, Foreign Secretary Selwyn the yast network of Canal Zone

the platform in advance of to- morrow’s final report.

“The Eisenhower Administra- tion has failed to either under- stand or trust Federal em-/ ployes,” the party declaration’ said.

“Its record in personnel man- agement constitutes a grave in- dictment of policies reflecting prejudices and excessive parti-

operations which are operated sanship to the detriment of!

the Berlin Blockade or Korea. ships He did not rule out the use of ©@nal.

again, is according to which

by British civilians, and British|e™ploye morale.” | passing through the After pledging protection and extension of the merit sys-|

He spelled out, on the rec- €™-and an “independent Civil)

“ay Service Commission the plat-' ord, the Big-Three internation- a | alization proposal Which will a Pa een See

rs be placed before the other 19 ~*:. <7 nations at Thursday's talks. He A fair and nonpolitical loy-

) » We alty program, by law, which gh Bue. otis ce will protect the Nation against! sions of the United Natione subversion and the employe) Charter dealing with interna 28@9S* UnJust and un-Ameri-)

can treatment.” tional disagreements.

“It has always been our planks, pledging everything thoughts that there should be from “freedom of information” | some link between the inter- to “clean election” regulations! national (canal) authority ynder a Democratic adminis-' tration, were included in th : iplatform catch-all.

Dulles Is Confident | Also promised. were fall 200

As He Leaves for Talks per cent of parity for farmers, repeal of the Taft-Hartley law) Secretary of State Dulles |

and an increase in the mini-| left for London yesterday, mum wage from $1 to $1.25 an saying he is confident of a

hour in a new “Magna Carta “peaceful solution” of the :

for labor.” Suez Canal issue. Page 4.

In addition the Democrats!

Excerpts from speech by hammered away at alleged) Egypt's President Nasser ‘“maladministration and selfish) blames mixed advice from

manipulation” in the so-called! United States. Page 4.


“conflict of interests” cases un-| der the Eisenhower Adminis- tration. |

“Taxpayers ... demand and must have the highest stand- ards of honesty, integrity and efficiency as a minimum re- quirement of Federal executive conduct,” they said.

“We pledge a strong merit system as a substitute for cyni- policies of spoils and special now the rule

we the United Nations,” He said the purposes and functions of the authority should be: (1) to take over the operation of the canal to en- sure the efficient functioning of the canal as a free, open and secure internattonal waterway: (2) to ensure to Egypt an equi- cal table return: (3) to arrange for favor which are the payment of fair compensa- Of the day. tion to the Suez Canal Co. The platform hit, too, at em-| “In our view the authority Ployment of “dollar - a - year! should consist of a council of men” by the Eisenhower Ad-| administration drawn from ™inistration and said it result. those powers chiefly interested 4 in \'grave abuses of power.” in the canal and it should have It said some representatives under it the necessary techni- of large carporations “assumed cal, working and administra- a duaj loyalty to the govern- tive organs,” he said. ment and “to the corporations “In all this there would be W50 pay them.” an important role to be played The|Democrats “recognized” by Egyptians and the Egyptian the ne@ed for some unpaid em- Government.” a but said rigid safe- In Paris, the French Cabinet s¥ard4 must be laid down for approved a plangfor interna-‘heir employment. | tional supervision and opera-- The “clean elections” plank tion of the canal, which was followed on the heels of the! nationalized by Nasser July 26. failure of the last Senate to A Cabinet spokesman refused P48s @ so-called “honest-elec-| to discuss details of the plan. See PLATFORM, Pg. 7, Col. 5)

propose and he said.


Condition First Reported ‘Critical’ )

Actress Martha Raye ‘Seems Fine’

After Overdose of 20 Sleeping Pills


Most Popular |

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Aug. 14\found Miss Raye lying beside);dancer.


Circuit Judge Stanley

, wide range of domestic | _.”


_ KatieHails Columbia on ‘Ladies Day’

It was “Ladies Day” at the Democratic

National Convention yesterd

gresswomen claimed the rostrum to voice

their views on the Republican Louchheim of Washington (

ing for the hometown standard as Ten-

nessee’s Gov. Frank G. Clem

spoke in her role as women's activities di- rector. The attractive mother of twe grown daughters contrasted Ike with former Dem. ecratic Presidents whe “never regarded themselves as figureheads, chairmen of the board or chiefs of staff” and spoke of “Gev- ernment by stag dinner.” (Story on FPF. 28.)

ay, and Con-

record. Katie shown reach-

ent looks on)


Texan Says Eisenhower ‘Passes Buck’ On Failures


‘Sit-Tight’ Policy Abroad Criticized - Oregonian Lashes Out at. “Giveaways”

By Richard L. Lyons

@ afl Reger er

CHICAGO, Aug. 14—*“Mr. Democrat” Sam Rayburn and Sen. Wayne Morse Ore), a recently adopted Party son, ripped the Re- publicans on ail fronts to- night as the Democratic convention warmed up for the real business of the next few days.

House Speaker burn of Texas Eisenhower Administration with maintaining a “sit4tight” foreign poliqy “which depends on troubles fading away.”

He made his attack on the

Sem Ray- charged the

Administration of “dragging its feet™ on Federal aid to educa- tion which was killed in the House this year.

Morse was given main billing at this second evening conven- t20nm session to give a push to

Adlai’s Bandwagon Picks Up Speed


Ex-President Sees Former Governor as November ‘Also Ran’

By Edward T. Folliard Staff Reporter

CHICAGO, Aug. 14—Adlai Stevenson made some head way today in his drive for the Democratic Presidential nomi- nation, but his bandwagon again bumped into Harry S. Truman.'

The former President, who is backing Gov. Averell Harriman of New York for the nomina- tion, said that Stevenson would be an “also ran” in November if he is chosen here by the Democratic National Conven- tion.

“I don't believe Stevenson can win and I think Averell Harriman can,” Mr. Truman told reporters. “I am doing my best to keep him (Steven- son) from being nominated.

Mr. Truman, who made his harsh statement to newsmen in his suite at the Blackstone, added that if Stevenson does win the nomination “I will sup- port him.”

James E. Finnegan, Steven- son’s campaign manager, said

y to Bump Into Truman Again

The Day’s Politics

House Speaker Rayburn criticizes the Eisenhower

| Administration’s “sit-tight” foreign policy and Sen. | Wayne Morse attacks the Republican “giveaway” of

the Nation’s natural resources. Page 1.

Adlai’ E. Stevenson's bandwagon begins to pick up speed only to run into another jolt from Harry S. Tru- man. Page 1.

Democratic platform draftsmen demand “a fair and non-political” government loyalty program. Page 1.

Democratic platform subcommittee approves a plank favoring immediate home rule and national representa- tion for the District. Page 6.

Sen. A. Willis Robertson urges Virginia's delegation to cast “complimentary” votes for Sen. Lyndon John- son on first ballot. Page 6.

Vice President Richard M. Nixon still is overwhelm- ing favorite of GOP voters but his lead has been trimmed somewhat by Gov. Christian A. Herter of Massachusetts. Gallup Poll. Page 2.

Democratic Women’s Director Katie Louchheim and Democratic Congresswomen criticize Eisenhower rec- ord in “Ladies’ Day” speeches. Page 28.

GOP Chairman Leonard E. Hall denounces Gov.

his Senate fight against former Secretary of Interior Douglas McKay Republicans would rather win Morse’s Semate seat than any other.

Harold Russell, armless vet- eran of World War Il. brought

s from the convention

with a stormy attack on Vice President Richard M. Nixon.

The double amputre charged that Nixen had called the Democrats the “party of trea- som” and branded the charge “an indecent. vicious lic.”

Ressell. introduced as “a symbol of all of us who dedi- cate ourselves to lasting peace —whe hold that courage is a quainy of America.” told the delegates that under the Ei- senhower Administrs tion American prestige has dwin- died dangerous)y

He said: “Everywhere I have traveled abroad in the past few years I have found distrust of American leadership. Where omce there was respect. there is mow suspicion. This is a tragic thing’

“I am no expert in foreign affairs.” Russell cried. “but See DEMOCRATS, Pg. 7. Col. 1

Frank C, Clement's keynote speech, predicts a “rough


campaign.” Page 2.


that Mr. Truman’s statement'.. > was “unfortunate.” Replying to New Suspicious-Leeking Sterm Spawning e

Hurricane Betsy Turns Direction;

a question as to whether thought the former Chief Ex-

See CANDIDATES, P. 7, Col. 2

Bid to Nehru To Visit Here

Renewed by Ike |

International News Service


MIAMI, Fila, Aug. 14 (®)Florida coast,” the Weather Be- Hurricane Betsy, 190 milesireau added. east of Fort Pierce, Fila., late, “However, all tonight was holding to a path

j, \#—Comedienne Martha Raye, Comics ‘knocked out by an overdose of sleeping pills early today, has recovered consciousness and “seems fine,” hospital attend- ants said tonight. |

Her personal physician, Dr. Ralph Robbins, said the 39-year- old @ctress had taken about 20 sleeping pills. He, said her) condition was “critical. when) she was found unconscious on the floor of her bedroom at 3) a.m. The doctor placed her in an oxygen tent.

A maid reported that she

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failed jobesin » Edward T.

an empty bott! ills. The Milledge ruled she hadn't ful- ee filled Florida’s residence re quirements.

Miss Raye’s hodyguard, Rob-

maid said she had gone to the actress’ bedroom to investigate

when Miss Raye came home ; and failed to call her. de heyy 0 yg from Dr. Robbins said he had no pag heen seen in the Bai idea why Miss Raye had taken area recently but he did not the overdose of sleeping pills. appear in court with her last Close friends said the doctor Friday. told them: “She's going to be) Miss Raye also is involved all right. She's a strong gitl'a damage suit with O’Shea’s she'll make it. wife, Barbara Ann. The wide - mouthed the actress last week in a divorce


yesterday that President Ei- senhower has renewed his in- vitation to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru of India to! visit the United States for a

: ¢

? i.

The White House announced |+), 5; promises to keep her

'120-miJe-an-hour winds away


from the United States coast. Weathermen said

U. S. Mainland May Eseape Its Fury |

Betsy, meanwhile, was rough- ¢ | Staying

4 : ‘A


© aducsder, Anged 15, 19%

D.C. Asks 10 GOP Delegates

wel. 3, es aise Fe: . = % la a ae % ep lea = oe 3 ns - ee ee - So td Nae _

Rr « Set eee eer SAN FRANCISCO. Aug 6 weniess you to mt for Hawai

District of Columbia Republi- 24 Alaska can spokesmen today were Re bhi Sessle Te

given hope of winning greater _ representation in future GOP State Delegate Contests Se 6s Gat Sepereer

conventions. After a meeting of the 1556 caw FRANCISCO. Aug 14 Convention Rules Committee. wachinstonians were on the Gov. Theodore BR. Mchcldim of Marviand said the group. which he heads. will recom mend that a study be made m= time for the convention to com sider the District GOP iced ers request The District now has six com vention delegates and is seck- ing 10 for the conventions im 1966. District GOP leaders contend that District Repubili- thi cans “are entitled te more com sideration.” John J. Sirkca. Washengics I attorney, and Mrs. Howard A Coffin testified before the Me “iegal Keldin group on behalf of the 5 Republician State Commitice of the District of Columbis Sirica appeared as proxy for GOP National Committeemss Ciyde D. Garrett of Washing ton Sirica said he told the Rules Committee

's 15 Gelegate votes would be dGivided by giving eight votes to the group headed by Perry ©. Howard. Washiog ten igewyer and GOP Naticaal Comastteeman simce 1924 and there was “considerable sym seven wotes te the opposing pathy” for the District's appeal. slate beaded by Mrs J. Balfour Dut “you cant do & for them Mil


“exceeds 10 states and Hawaii.” while Hawaii hese 10 Getecates and the 10 states of lesser pore lation have either 12 or 14 dele gates

MecKeldin told reporters

GOP Senators’ Record Praised by Knowland

Tetiet Poe

Senate Republicans William F. Keowland seid lest night

per cent”

Leader for am “opposition score of @ integration issue.



i= ~

eo er 3


Associated Press

United States, relaxes at his Falls Church wife, Gertrude.

J. Lee Rankin Named U.S. Solicitor General

J. Lee Rankin. now an assist- A Republican and a friend of

ae as theme f emece ~~ Attorney General Herbert CHOOT (renerai oO e ; , _

United States yesterday by Brownell Jr., he left his private President Fisenhower. law practice in Lincoln, Neb.,

Rankin. 49. succeeds Simon in 1953 to serve in the Justice E. Sebelof. who recently be- Department. He is a graduate came a judge of the Fourth of the University of Nebraska, Cirewit Court of Appeals fol- earning both his bachelor’s and lowing prolonged Senate de- law degree there. bate on his nomination be- Rankin’s participation in the cause of his stand on the school school integration decision might result in prolonged Sen- Like Sobeloff. Rankin played ate debate when his appoint-

GOP Senators outscored His Ggures on both GOP and 5. important role in the Ad- ment comes up for confirma-

Democrats 9 to 5 in supporting Demorratic votes added up ministration’s court fight for tion. Sobeloff’s confirmation as

President Fisenhower’s legisia

mere than the 3G roll

school integration. presenting judge came after the Senate

Hall Foresees Rough Campaign

By Carroll Kilpatrick Staff Reporter SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14 Chairman Leonard hob ne, of the Republican National Com-|4,):, mittee today predicted “alstinorp Langlle of Washing: rough campaign” and “morelton, but “I am certain it won't demagogic appeals” from the!h. ‘filled with distortions and ocrats. ‘half truths.” Hall reacted sharply to yes- terdays’ Democratic keynote Hall Defends Dulles speech by Gov. Frank G. Clem-| The Clement attack on Dul- ent of Tennessee, declaring'jes Hall said, “was not the type that it was “full of half truths,!of speech you would expect. ‘distortions and some outright/from a great political party at misstatements and falsehoods.”|the time the Secretary of State | The Republican Chairmaniis going to London in said that while former Presi- of peace.” ident Truman “may not control; Asked how he could expect ithe nomination, he is certainly’ «, Harry Truman type of cam- ‘setting the tone for the CaM-'naign” in the event Adlai FE. ‘paign- We can anticipate 4) Stevenson is nominated by the Harry Truman type of c&@M-|Democrats, Hall said “I don’t paign.” » «,;Unink the cloak of moderation, “If the campaign is one,” he Stevenson has put on recently| added, “let’s go. If we're g0-| will hide the fact that he was! ing to have a rough campaign,|originally sponsored by the we'll meet it.” |Americans for Democratic’ Referring to Clement's de-|Action.” scription of Vice President Richard M. Nixon as “the vice-|naign’ the Republican Chair-| hatchet man slinging slander/man said, is “the great pros- and spreading half truths,” Hall nerity with peace.’ Major dif- said it indicated to him that ference from the previous ad- “Mr. Nixon hurts (the Demo-| ministration, he said, is that crats), and when someone iS'there has not been one word hurt, he squeals.” irons the wane House to divide | /Our people or play one section Big Squeal or group off against another to “We heard a big squeal last get votes.” | night,” he said, “but it won't ‘deter Mr. Nixon from carrying! Ike, Dewey to Hold ‘on a vigorous campaign. | eae , Other members of the Cabi-| Political Meeting inet and Administration, except| sammie Gin ‘Secretary of State John Foster) president Eisenhower will Dulles, will participate actively! noid a “political” meeting with Gov. Thomas E. Dewey

lin the campaign, Hall said a5) ¢5,mer

the has done daily for'oe New York at the White

jsome weeks. Hall again Pre touse today. it w

dicted Nixon would be renomh| yesterday. me Perens

inated. Dewey was one

| He said the statements of movers behind Me Seeckhen!

| Gove. ore Pg yng er’s campaign for the Repubii-

California and Theodore RK. Mc- 4 presidential nomination in

Keldin of “Maryland that they 1959 ‘and is still a major power

were available for the nomina- in GOP politics

tion did not mean they dre part Presi :

of any stop-Nixon movement. | s.mee C. Hagerty saat Done They are merely awaiting the is stopping off here en route

speech, Hall said he did not be-| lieve the people would be fooled “by demagogic appeals.” He said he had not seen the Re- publican keynote speech, to be


Gov..ment when asked whether|

The major issue in the can-|

“Sure, I think they'll talkv ice presidential candidate politics .. . in connection with/ this year, or to run for the Sen- the convention.” ate. Hagerty recalled, hew-

Hagerty declined to com-jever, that Dewey recently voiced his renewed support for there is a possibility the Presi-/Vice President Richard M. dent will ask the former New Nixon as the.President’s run- York Governor to be the GOP|ning mate again this year.

-~ pas -

a |

ats 7

Hil :

"i ite ae af F * , i al

ok Be



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pleasure of the President in this matter, he said. Hall ac- kowledged that Knight had con- ferred by telephone with Har- old E. Stassen whose candidate| for the vice presidency is Gov.) Christian A. Herter of Massa-| chusetts. | | Hall seemed to think that Stassen, who is not a delegate or alternate delegate, would be accorded the privilege of the floor to nominate Herter if he ‘so desired. Non-delegates have on occasion been permitted to

San Francisco where he is a New York delegate to the GOP convention starting next

eek. Asked whether the two will politics,” Hagerty re-|




1409 H STREET NA. 8-1409

live program during the 6&h Knowland explained this was the Government's argument in fought over the appointment speak in the past, he said, and


The California Senator issued an analvsisc of 203 Senate roll call votes on the program during the 1955 and ]

Democrats supported the Presi- Gent 108 times—<« “S38 per cent Support record”

Knowland said a majority of Senate Republicans voted Against Mr er Zi times for an “oppositien score of 10 per cent.” while @ major ity of Senate Democrats voted egainst his program 100 times.


“The Gallup Pell

Nixon Sull Out Front ‘As GOP No. 2 Choice

By Ceorge Callup

amerres iestose ¢ Patix Ooms


2rd M. Nixon is still the ferer- He of an overwhelming majer tty of rank-andfile Republicans woters for the No 2 spot om the party's ticket, his lead over

Zer. which would gou orefer to herve win?”

The vote of all Republicans Questioned m the survey

» Herter ‘Ne preference, no opin. 12

* The May survey was besed bn a similar question


Pressdent's +

Gue to am even spit by Repub cpe basic case which led to the for more than a year, due to : 4 " : cams om One vote amd even 1954 Supreme Court school de- Southern Senators’ opposition > cd oy mB geen eRe ae mt spits Sy Democrats om Gv€ cision to Sobeloff’s views favoring in-'yice President by a non-dele- Rankin. currently head of tegration. : A breakdown of his statistics ue Justice Department's Of- After being sworn into office fice of Legal Counsel. was given at 11 a. m. today in the office of) @ recess appointment which isthe Attorney General, Rankin; subject to confirmation when will become the Government's

Congress reconvenes in Janu-chief spokesman before th ; ? | wry. ats ica Supreme Court. In addition to | The President s sian teas a Gee anions Appointment List

gate in 1920 In discussing Clement’s

arguing key cases involving the Rankin lives at @O Juniper Government, the Solicitor Gen- lane. Falls Church. with his eral decides which lower court wife and two soms and daugh- decisions, adverse to the Gov-' President Eisenhower's ap-

ter ernment, are to be appealed. poinments for Wednesday: |

| 410 a. m.—Arthur PF. Burne and Ga- briel Hauge. ecomomic advisers to the | President

14 tes, or 87 per cent.


ze 22 Candidates Given =—~*Pep Talk by President

c By Robert E. Clark | International News Gervice i President Eisenhower gave to unseat Democrat Harrison 22 GOP congressional candi- Williams in New Jersey's Sixth dates a pep talk on the Re- District, declared: “I think he | publican Party yesterday, but looks perfectly wonderful. I|* aS | spurmed reply to the Demo was delighted to see that we, EN THURS. ‘TH Penney cratic oratorical blasts coming ... going into this campaign | Ricky Ties...

from In his first big handshaking with such a bounce.” ) SEMI-ANNUAL

a —In connection with his physical fitness program for American, iyouth, the President will receive six iyoungsters who have won swimming jawards

11:30 a. m—Thomas BE. Dewey, for- mer Governor of New York

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Blast That Killed 15 Is Laid to Leaking Gas

i ae

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Montgomery Fair's Queen Patsy

Patsy Messer of Gaithersburg, who has been selected as Farm Queen of Montgomery County, will reign at the county fair at Gaithersburg, represent her county at the Maryland State Fair at Timon- jum later this month. She was a member of the Maryland team acclaimed as the world’s best cattle judgers in Eng-

land in July.


Two Youths

Give Up Ducktail Hairdo

A pair of Arlington youths who were ordered Monday by Jiivenile Court Judge Hugh ©regger Jr. to trim their duck- tail haid-do’s dutifully visited barbers yesterday

One of the youths, a 15-vear- old boy who had been acquitted on a hub cap stealing charge, was reluctant to part with his flowing tresses, court aides paid

He made one visit to a bar

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MONTICELLO, Utah, Aug. i—An explosion that killed 15 persons and injured more than 30 others in a crowded] cafe late yesterday was catsed| by an accumulation of natural gas, investigators said today.

The blast wrecked a $50,000 restaurant during the dinner hour in this uranium-mining| boom town. No one in the es- tablishment at the time escaped unhurt. Nine persons were) critically injured. | The Utah Gas Service Co.,| and the State Public Service’ Commission said after a pre-| liminary investigation that the gas had accumulated in the basement of the. building. A new gas line had been installed last Sunday. | | Several teams of natural gas experts were making the inves-| jtigation. Studies were being) ‘conducted by Otto Wiesley,| chairman of the Utah Indus- trial Commission, W. A. Robin-) son, chief engineer for the State Public Service Commis- sion, and five officials of the Utah Gas Service Co. Gov. J. Bracken Lee ordered the inves- tigation by Wiesley and Robin- son.

The tremendous explosion reduced the cafe to a pile of! rubble in a hole 20. to 30 feet! deep. \Washington Post and Times) | “I was just sitting there eat-/Herald before sunup each’ ing supper and suddenly I was morning prevented what could out on the sidewalk,” said Leo have been a disaster in Mt. Houch, 20, of Monticello. ‘Rainier, Md., last week. | Many of the victims were, Nat Wright, 15, was deliver- tourists ing a paper to the home of Mr.


Times Herald carrier boy for

Phote By Cameramen,. Ine

A newsboy who delivers The, Aug. 21-25. Patsy also will

Obey Judge,

jured- Those most critically Thursday morning. He smelled hurt were taken to hospitals gas and ran five blocks to the in Grand Junction, Cortez and police station. Durango, Colo. Police awoke Mr. and Steve Hazelwood, 47, of Mon- Francis X. O’Brien, who were ticello, may have saved the staying with the Hagans’ chil- ber but his hair was still ruled/town from further destruction dren while the Hagans were too long and a second trim was|\when he turned off gas that| vacationing.

By Wally McNamee. Stal! Photographer

Nat Wright, 15, learns that a hero’s reward is delightful. Joyce Hagan, 8, had just thanked The Washington Post and

Mount Rainier (Md.) home and averting a tragedy.

Newsboy Saves Family From Leaking Gas Lin

tiny hospital and Mrs. Michael T. Hagan at'children of the Hagans, Joyce, could not care for all the in- 3201 Bunker Hill rd. about-4:15 8: Karleen, 4; and Kathleen, 2.

Mrs. 2903 Bunker Hill

crippling bone disease.

rit Frees


THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD esos Wednesday, August 15, 1956 3


County Man In Slaying

Silver Hill, Md., restaurant proprietor Francis A. Fischer was freed on $8000 bond yes- terday despite a warning that he “might not live long enough to stand trial” in the slaying: of his former business partner.

Prince Georges County Circuit Court Judge John Raymond Fletcher ordered Fischer's release at a habeas corpus hearing in Upper Marl. boro,

He is accused of fatally wounding Wilfred A. Grove, 44, after an argument on Aug.) 8 at the Silver Hill restaurant they jointly operated.

The warning that friends of the slain man may seek ven- ‘geance against Fischer was voiced by State’s Attorney Blair H, Smith, who opposed his re- lease from jail.

Smith said he received re- ports of “excitement and bad iblood between friends of the \deceased and the defendant.”

The prosecutor conceded that “this situation may have cooled ‘off a little.” He expressed fear, ‘however, that Fischer's release “might endanger not only the defendant's life but others in case he were forced to protect ihimself.”

Terming Fischer a “good bond risk,” Smith said he was confident the accused man would appear when summoned before a grand jury “if he is still alive at that time.”

Fischer has interests in the Half Shell Restaurant, 3210 Branch ave., Silver Hill, where the fatal shooting occurred; the Sea Shell Restaurant, 4918 Liv- ingston rd., Glass Manor, and Danny's Steak House, Good Hope rd. and Alabama ave. se.

discovering a gas leak at her

Gas company repairmen found four leaks in the pipes, under the house. Gas was fill- ing the house and spreading through the neighborhood.

In the house with the O’Briens were their l-year-old son, Timothy, and the three

Mrs. O’Brien is Hagan’s sister. Nat is the son of Mr. and

Mrs. Nathaniel Wright Jr., of Dru

rd.. Mount

Rainier. He has been deliver-

ing papers only for a month

after several years fighting a

o Capsile Reported Aid To Diabeties

ordered. was pouring from a pipe) meiee following a lively party, would light a cigarette and Cregger but also his guardian.| before the court in zn sprees orth Pole Government sources yester- ithe current fiscal year, even FAIRBANKS, Alaska, Aug. If the Government operates

The other youth, a 16-year-|/broken by the explosion. old, arrested Saturday in a| “I was afraid somebody also visited a barber shop at)blow the whole place up,” he the behest not only of Judge’ said. | . He passed inspection after a Fk \ single shearing and will appear oreseett Lil for a hearing. - Flight Honors day said a budget surplus of P A id ‘$2 billion or more is likely for! eary tae though defense and some other ‘expenditures are rising. 14 \—A Negro journalist from|