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ici | Recognition / Denies ‘Jamming’ of VOA Broadcasts [ZHONGGUO XINWEN

Notes ‘Very Positive’ Red Cross Talks ONGGUO XINWEN

_ Calls For ‘Sensible’ U.S. Decision on [ZHONGGUO XINWEN SHE}

Public Security Refytes UPI Report on Wei Jingsheng /XINHUA] Official Interviewed on Disarmament, Arms Control IRENMIN RIBAO 16 hap)

Daily Comments Briefly on Status, Other Issues

pray sag ad pad nary pe age baggy ed Clinton, Rao Hope To Strengthen U.S.-Indian Ties A]

ADB Assists Beijing in Environmental Protection /. A] United States & Canada

Editorial Says China Opposes Hegemony, Power Politics (Hong Kong WEN WEI PO 20 May) ....

Central Eurasia CPPCC Vice Chairman Hong Xuezhi Meets CIS Veterans /XINHUA]

President Yeltsin Rejects Shakhray's Resignation /XINHUA]

Northeast Asia

Spokesman Expresses Condolences "s Ito’s Death DPRK Envoy Blames U.S. for ey ery me Tokyo KYODG)

ROK Expresses Concern Over DPRK's Reactor Rod Discharge /XINHUA]

see isan ta Maonien teats fora i

Oil Company Criticizes Vietnam Activities in Spratlys /CHINA DAILY 20

Yin Kesheng-Led CPC Delegation Meets SRV Politicians {XINHUA]

FBIS-CHI-94-098 CONTENTS 20 May 1994

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Al Mayor [XINHUA]

Equipment Meets NPC Vice Chairman Cheng Siyuan Meets Italian Visitors /XINHUAj

sree a safe age la Meets With Chen Muhua /XINHUA] Holds Talks With gig ME yrtag Leaves for Hong Kong 20 May /. A] NATIONAL AFFAIRS Political & Secial ee ee came, Maat Onde Petes ey aa wedh gs amen ln gD ne RIBAO 15 May]

an Coe eves Swe Men Lesenties

Central Institutions To Ba hg OF gy ah 23 Security Trains Local Bureau ns nae Apr] Moviemaker Visa To Attend Cannes

RENMIN RIBAO Carries QIUSHI Table of Contents /15 May]

Military Jiang Zemin Instructs T KUANG CHIAO CHING 16 si SontDeds Yu Veunecn Passion ile Oe RIN pire! Commontery Hisile PLA Political Comuniasar Yeo Licrost

Economic & Agricultural





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Foreign Investment [Hong Kong HONGKONG STANDARD 20 May]

Measures To Protect Intellectual Property Rights /XINHUA) ....... eile teataiiinin, Daily Says Efforts To Beat Inflation ‘On Track’ [A DAILY 20 May]

Bureau Reports 7 Normal’ Economy in Apr

Economy Said Operating in ‘Yellow Light Zone’ XINWEN SHE]

Statistics Bureau Says Inflation Cooling Down INA DAILY 20 May]

Academics on Establishing Bankruptcy M schanism ‘ANG 9 May]

Article Views Reasons for Rising Prices , RENMIN RIBAO 6

Article Views Developing Petrochemical [RENMIN RIBAO 19 Apr}

XINHUA Carries Economic News Briefs for 20 May




Reports on Electronics Industry Boom [XINHUA]

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20 May 1994


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Reaction to Dismissal of Hong Kong Affairs Adviser .






Importance of UK Attitude to PWC

Kong SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST 19 May] Involved in Large-Scale Fraud /AFP/

Hong Kong Affairs Adviser on Passport Cooperation XINHUA Reports Meeting Latest Talks on Military Land End in Failure

UK, PRC Fail To Reach Agreement on Airport



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20 May 1994


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ooheng. Beijing RENMIN RIBAO in Chinese


the Chinese Gever «nt decision to start the indictment cated news without interview to fool readers.

16 May 94 p 6

saidthat HKI905121694

asked: U.S. . What is


Calls For ‘Sensible’ U.S. Decision on MFN HK1905135394 Beijing ZHONGGUO XINWEN SHE _— Process with

in Chinese 1229 GMT 19 May 94

20 May 1994

TU ay | it Hie j fill s Hit i i i ie ave a tL sa55 LE af: r ie F alt tit 55 Hf Rae GRE Tope He Hk Ni Er Hee Hib i Lilt Hf THU HAL iL AIH ii i ae i} | Be aH fis uy Hels its % it R PEss : i Hi 3 : Ais Ud ihe Btu ii 3 ee U ahs He i Hy fs HF a rt Hi He ial atte! atu healt ay niet lt iit iil Kt

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planned prior to next week's visit of Russian Defense Minister Grachev. He ‘uled to address Partnership for

[Text] Washington, May 19 (XINHUA)—When defense ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meet in Brussels next week, NATO's ties with Russia will be at the top of the agenda.

U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry is planning a meeting with Grachev, the official


Russia had agreed to join NATO's “Partnership for Peace” earlier but pustponed the move following NATO's threats to bomb the Bosnian Serbs.

The official said he was “hopeful” that Russia would still join, although Moscow may choose to have Foreign Minister Andrey Kozyrev the agreement later whcn he attends a North Atlantic meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, in early June.

Also next week's meeting will be officials from the 18 countries that have already joined NATO's “Part- nership for Peace.”

Besides the NATO officials will also be

discussing the Bosnian crisis and the nuciear issue on the Korean peninsula, the official said.

, : 5

OW1905233394 Beijing XINHUA in English 2155 GMT 19 May 94

Indian Government officials have said that American firms invested more in India in 1993 than in the pre- vious 45 years combined.

Clinton felt pleased at the rapid expansion of trade and investment between the two countries, adding that “we

are proud of that and we want that relationship to grow.”

“We reviewed the tremendous economic opportunities thrown up by the sweeping economic reforms in India,” Rao said at the joint news conference.

“The President and I agreed that we have an unprece- dented opportunity to free India-US. bilateral relations from the distortions induced by the Cold War,” Rao noted.

The two leaders also agreed to increase the frequency of tries.

Clinton announced that he has asked Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary to visit India in July to further their talks on renewable energy.

He will also send Commerce Secretary Ron Brown to India in November to promote further growth in trade and investment.

Rao has invited the President to visit India at the time of his convenience and Clinton has accepted it.

ADB Assists Beijing in Environmental Protection

OW2005095594 Beijing XINHUA in English 0909 GMT 20 May 94

[Text] Manila, May 20 (XINHUA)—The Asian Devel- opment Bank (ADB) today approved a technical assis- tance grant of 600,000 U.S. dollars to China for the Chang Jiang (Yangtze river) water and soil conservation and environment project.

The technical assistance will assist China in strength- ening its capability to manage and develop the upper and middle reaches of the Chang Jiang basin in a economi- cally viable and environmentally sustainable way, the Manila-based bank said.

With the assistance, seminars and workshops will be held for arousing greater awareness of environmental conser- vation among officials from the nine provinces included within the upper and middle reaches of the basin. among government ministries to strengthen the concept of integrated basin management in order to achieve more effective flood control and to optimize efforts in economic development and environmental protection, said the ADB.

United States & Canada

XINHUA Cites President Clinton on China’s OW2005054694 Beijing XINHUA in English 0528 GMT 20 May 94

{Text] Washington, May 19 (XINHUA)—WU.S. President Bill Clinton said today he has not yet made his decision

He refused to talk about the on-going discussions with China, saying that “anything I say about them until we have concluded them would be inappropriate.”

Clinton has until June 3 to decide whether to extend

Baucus also dismissed as unworkable the so-called “half measures” such as limited sanctions or partial with-

i :

FBIS-CHI-94-098 20 May 1994

Editorial Says China Opposes Hegemony, Power Politics

HK2005085194 Hong Kong WEN WEI PO in Chinese 20 May 94 p A2

[Editorial: “China Resolutely Opposes Hegemony, Power Politics”]

[Text] The question of whether or not the United States will extend the most-favored-nation trade status to

have no right to vote even today. The legal procedures of some of these countries are also different from those of the West. However, the United States has never linked these questions with the most-favored-nation status of these countries. It can thus be seen that the United States has linked the issue of human rights or the Tibet issue

Chinese Premier Li Peng told visiting Brzezinski. fi

U.S. National Security Advisor, a few days ago, that China does not seek a sphere of influence in the world and does not practice hegemony, and China resolutely


The “Shanghai Communique” signed between China and the United States in 1972 put forward in an inter- national diplomatic document for the first time the idea of opposing hegemony, and it has a far-reaching signifi- cance. Opposing hegemony is an important principle of China’s diplomacy. China does not seek hegemony and also opposes other countries seeking it. A country which

Vietnamese. The American people also suffered a great deal. Other examples were the invasions by the USSR of Coechoslovakia and . :

different ways, particularly in the field of economy and

In his talks with Brzezinski, Li Peng put forward a viewpoint that the fact that China takes economic con-

Overwhelming MAjOrity ( people. Only in a stable social environment will China be able to concentrate its attention on economic construc- tion, and this is China’s greatest contribution to the world’s development and peace. If the views of an individual personality are taken at every turn as the basis for observing China, the view of the important will be overshadowed by the trivial and an erroneous conclusion Since Clinton assumed office, his policy

two countries } issues. So long as the U.S. side gives up hegemony and power politics, Sino-U.S. relations will i and

10 INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS 20 May 1994 Central Eurasia months and that the government would be forced to resign if it is unable to act in controlling the situation. COIX. View Chairman Hang Hani Beets CHS 0W2005111894 Beijing XINHUA in English Northeast Asia 1109 GMT 20 May 94 Spokesman Expresses Condolences on Japan’s

Committee of the Chinese People’s pelnind Commune Cnthomes SUCER met and hosted a dinner for a delegation of veteran soldiers from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) here this evening.

The nine-member delegation, which was jointly spon- sored by the Veteran Soldier's Union of the CIS and the Veteran Soldier's Committee of the Russian Federation, arrived here this afternoon at the invitation of the scheduled to visit the cities of Xiamen and Harbin.

President Yeltsin Rejects Shakhray’s Resignation OW 1905 160594 Beijing XINHUA in English 1539 GMT 19 May 94

[Text] Moscow, May 19 (XINHUA) - Russian President Boris Yeltsin has rejected the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Shakhray who was stripped of his portfolio as minister of nationalities carly this week.

Seineer oe mer’ ty Ge Sans Seamaer of Bo southern Krasnodar region, Nikolay Yegorov. He quickly announced his resignation from the government on Tuesday [17 May], complaining he could no longer stay as he had not been consulted in advance about the cabinet shift. Presidential Spokesman Vyacheslav Kostikov explained here today: “When the president sigzed the decree nominating the new minister of nationalities, his objec- tive was to allow the vice premier to focus his attention on coordinating several matters on which he was already working.” Kostikov added: “The reasons Mr. Shakhray gave in his letter of resignation to the president are considered abies wee a cpahadate saben ccat

for the president, Kostikov criticized Shakhray ae tak “A entaie ocksoy oud oon flip-flops” and “holding too many posts.”

has a seat in the lower house, and is also a member of the Russian Security Council and three governmental committees.

The presidential spokesman accused Shakhray of dem- Se ee eee

declared that his plans for the future a adh enti ta hao oa Russian interests.

ing his resignation Tuesday Shakhray predicted that there would be a rise in social unrest in coming

Cane Delay, mney 20 CURA sene Sanile, reer chairman of the National

Ite’s Death

OW2005111494 Beijing XINHUA in English 1059 GMT 20 May 94

[Text] Beijing, May 20 (XINHUA)—China today expresses its deep condolences to the passing away of Mr. Masayoshi Ito, former Japanese foreign minister of the Liberal Democratic Party government. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman made the state- ment here this afternoon when asked by correspondents what China’s reaction was to the passing away of Ito this morning. “We wish to express our deep condolences on the passing of Mr. Masayoshi Ito,” the spokesman said. ws, Ito, a Japanese statesman known for his integrity and prestige, was a familiar and respected old friend of the Chinese people. He had long dedicated himself to the cause of Sino-Japanese friendship and made outstanding contributions to the development of friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries, he noted.

“The Chinese people will cherish his memory forever,” the spokesman said, adding that the Chinese leaders have sent messages of condolences to the bereaved

DPRK Eavoy Blames U.S. for ‘Fabricating’ Naclear Issue

OW2005 112894 Tokyo KYODO in English 1112 GMT 20 May 94


must be sorted and examined to see whether any spent fuel has been diverted to North Korea’s suspected nuclear weapons program.

Chu claimed that North Korea unilaterally suspended withdrawal from the NPT last summer when talks with the U.S. began and now has ”a special status” within the treaty which releases it from its NPT obligations.

”"We cannot allow the agency to conduct the routine and

ad hoc inspections because it is contrary to the special status of our country,” Chu said.

The ambassador blamed the U.S. for fabricating the North Korean nuclear issue as a means to slander his country, while demanding that the U.S. honor its com-

1 $-month-long dispute has become central to North Korean relations with the U.S. as well as the eventual easing of tension and possible reunification of the

OW 1905174194 Beijing XINHUA in English 1611 GMT 19 May 94

ext] Pyongyang, May 19 (XINHUA)—The Red Cross i of the People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) today

DPRK's red cross has sent messages to its Scuth Korean

counterpart on April 26 and 27, demanding the return of the two prisoners of war.

However, the South Korean Red Cross has made no response.

“This cannot be deemed righteous behavior on the part of the Red Cross officials whose essential mission is to show noble humanitarianism by saving human beings from misfortunes and helping them,” Yi said.

The two soldiers were taken prisoners by the U.S. Forces while engaging in guerrilla activities in the South Korean area during the Korean war, he noted.

“They are obviously =risoners of war taking in account international law, and your side is obliged to send them back to our side,” read the message.

Yi urged the South Korean Red Cross not to follow the south side’s authorities pursuing north-south confronta- tion, but to remain faithful to its duty as a Red Cross organization.

Meanwhile, Yi also asked the south to allow Kim Chi-

hyon, daughter of Kim Pyong-chu, who was an uncon- verted prisoner, to return to DPRK for medical treat-

ROK Concern Over DPRK's Reactor

OW2005 103694 Beijing XINHUA in English 0945 GMT 20 May 94

[Text] Seoul, May 20 (XINHUA)—South Korea expressed concern Friday [20 May] over reports that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team con- ing i ion in the Democratic People’s Republic

of Korea (DPRK) has already from its 5-megawatt


“The government is paying heed to the IAEA announce- ment that there is still room for safety measures if North Korea stops withdrawing at this stage,” he noted.

the IAEA’s posal to suspend the changing of fuel rods at its reactor and permit complete inspection.

[Text] Singapore, May 19 (XINHUA)—China can offer

“the greatest business ity” to the world, Chi-

nese Vice Premier Li Langing said here today,

foreign businessmen that investment in China will

initely produce good returns”.

“The progress of the world is providing enormous oppor-

tunities for China’s development. And China's develop- opportunities for

provides many ) world’s prosperity,” Li said while addressing the inter- national conference of “Waves of the Future - ASEAN, Vietnam, and China; Opportunities for World Busi-


More than 800 mostly high ranking govern- ment leaders and successful businessmen, policy researchers, from 21 countries and regions

FBIS-CHI-94-096 20 May 1994

Most of them have had very good business performance and satisfactory economic returns, he said.

iS Lanting Sage Cosatag Up Key To

OW1905 132094 Beijing XINHUA in English 1248 GMT 19 May 94


i i H | : a


f i sf [

i a f i E

g i ii | | |

FBIS-CHI-94-098 20 May 1994

filling the “vacuum” left over after the end of the Cold War and strongly opposes division of sphere of influ- ence.

“To boost the openness of the whole world and every part of it is exactly what we should advocate,” he said.

Li *s Lee Affirm Langqing, Singapore Pledge on

OW2005110294 Beijing XINITUA in English 1043 GMT 20 May 94

[Text] Singapore, May 20 (XINHUA)—China and Sin- today reaffirmed their pledge to ensure the

of Trade and Industry said in a statement at the end of the JSC meeting.

“Both sides will spare no efforts to ensure the smooth progress of the project,” it said. In his speech at the opening of the JSC meeting, Li

so long as the two sides proceed in the spirit of this principle, all the difficulties that might appear in the process of the project can be overcome.

Lee Hsieng Loong said the Suzhou project “is a major collaborative project of our two countries”.

“Singapore is fully committed to the Suzhou project. We will spare no effort to ensure the success of the software transfer,” he stressed.


OW1905 130194 Beijing XINHUA in English 1228 GMT 19 May 94

[Text] Beijing, May 19 (XINHUA)—The China dismissed a Vietnamese accusation that CNOOC had violated its sovereignty and rejected its ensuing

CNOOC Chen ian said at a press conference today that the “Wan’an Bei-21” contract, signed in 1992 by CNOOC and the U.S. Crestone Energy Corporation, over which Vietnam's claim was made, is

“legally binding.”

He said the contract block, located in the Nansha [Spratly] offshore area, falls within China's jurisdiction.



the China Offshore tion, issued the following statement here today in con- nection with the Wananbei contract: On 25 April, a Vietnamese published an

eignty. Our corporation and the contracting U.S. com- pany have the right to engage in normal operations in the

FBIS-CHI-94-098 20 May 1994

the Vietnam Petroleum and Gas Corporation, to coop- erate with us 87d to join us in exploring the possibility of joint development.

Oil Company Criticizes Vietnam Activities in Spratlys

HK2005072194 Beijing CHINA DAILY in English 20 May 94 p 1

[By Chang Weimin: “Firm Slams Vietnamese Activity in Nansha”]

[Text] A Vietnamese company has violated China’s sovereignty in the Nansha Islands [Spratlys}, a Chinese oil firm said yesterday in Beijing.

develop the 25,000 square metre block in a deal called

According conduct seismic work and drilling in the section.

The Vietnamese article called for the termination of the contract and all related activities, Chen said.

eB Bee aller sandien Me albmesci ay Bang CNOOC and Crestone are entitled to operate in the area.

“We cannot unreasonable demands made by Vietnam,” he said.

Chen said CNOOC has followed Chinese policy.


20 May 1994

Yin CPC Meets SRV Kesheng-Le? Delegation

OW2005 113894 Beijing XINHUA Domestic Service in Chinese 1412 GMT 17 May 94

[By reporter Zhang Jiaxiang (1728 0502 4382))

[Text] Hanoi, 17 May (XINHUA)—This afternoon,

a+ : :

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ir : ( i 4

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; e oe F 2 ; 3 sii

Near East & South Asia

‘Roundup’ on Reaction to ‘Arafat's ‘Jihad’ Call OW1905 120394 Beijing XINHUA in English 1126 GMT 19 May 94

“Roundup” by Xie Dongfeng: ‘Arafat's Remark Controversy in Israel")

[Text] Jerusalem, May 19 (XINHUA)—The Palestine

Liberation Organization (PLO) Chairman Yasir ‘Ara-

fat’s call for Islamic jihad (holy war) to liberate Jerus-

alem has sparked sharp controversy in Israel's political


Last week, ‘Arafat spoke in a mosque in South Africa

that “you have to come and launch jihad to liberate

Jerusalem, your third shrine.”

Under pressure from Israeli Foreign Minister Shim’on eres, Arafat clarified his statement Wednesday at a ee


"Arafat promised to crusade for peace and reassured Israel that he had urged Moslems to wage a holy war for Jerusalem only in a religious sense.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhaq Rabin did not accept "Arafat's such clarification Wednesdev, saying it was “far-fetched.”

Rabin said here that ‘Arafat's call for jihad was making and would continue to do so in the future.

Both ‘Arafat ani Peres attended a ceremony organized by the Atlanta-based Jimmy Carter Center i Norway's contribution to the Middle East peace process.

After hearing ‘Arafat's clarification, Peres said that “this was the minimum that I expected to hear, the situation was not simple. This is what was needed, or else, I would not have come.”

Earlier, Peres boycotted a lunch with ‘Arafat, saying he would not attend a joint event until ‘Arafat issued a clarifying statement.

On Tuesday, Rabin said that the future of the peace process will come into question unless ‘Arafat clarifies his call for jihad.

If this statement is repeated, Rabin said, “this would be a clear violation of a basic element of the continuation of the process.”

“Therefore, we will ask for a clarification, and there is no doubt in my mind, Israel will not be able to accept such a violation and to continue the process between the PLO and us,” he said.

‘Arafat has revealed how much it is Gaza and Jericho first, with all of the other (occupied) territories and Jerusalem :

A peace deal has just been signed,

4 it


aH I Ht Hat

= or sai3 He ii 2 (i Ha i Hi it te a a

tgs ad Od ni ail a ai aki He Ht He Gat Gh» ae i Ht Ha dy f ai Gt i\Ha al 4 ii HE it Hn f it | rt Wie ; f “8 BS sh2e2 BGye = FRE | iH HAT sas IE i i







Afghan ‘Source’ Says Engineers To Be Released OW 1805 113894 Beijing XINHUA in English

1120 GMT 18 May 94

li H

Hk i i


[Text] Islamabad, May 18 (XINHUA)—Two Chinese hostages, who have been kept in Afghanistan for a year, will be released very soon, an Afghan source sa:

here today.



20 May 1994

sulle at

nt isa minds of a

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me D eaeeaeene See Sup bee See after the other resorted to this kind of trick

sit HN Ht in

West Europe NPC Delegation Leaves for Visit to European

iit dy a Be

OW 1905 130594 Beijing XINHUA in English

1231 GMT 19 May 94



nue tt ABH iii tlie

4908234 : nee as 8 Hey |i le al | ia i ah i Hi At | Ue Hit U ile tae | le Hl Hi He A aa * g Fit + Te Pade BA tg He f | z flit : Hitht 4 ie ii! ial ij AE we cal i Hl fl Hi al a iE:

GMT 19 May 94

ence Li made the call when meeting here with Willy Claes, deputy prime minister and minister of

with the country and I

: ) t.aseve the chairman's visit will influence positively the uncicrsievding and cooperations between Belgium and

Chinese 1446 GMT 19 May 94

{By reporter Kang Xinwen (1660 2450 2429)}

Li Ruihuan said: A good development momentum has appeared in Sino-Belgian trade and economic relations im recent years. A vast market provided by China's

i i ; fit : ie UB AHR HAGE allan:


20 May 1994

a ee He } a eu i He | EA a aa a i en be dae es eh aie ee HAE 1 Ha ail a uli u, a Hy i i $4 PATEL 4. HTH ROY iE iH i F i lh Hi it | i ie i | if if ee alli lip at HL fF Hi th Ht H if He tn il sil i if : i igey at rt Hite ae i Hi ale E i eal Ni! if H

z +s YT gta : it z #¢° + 4 had i it i 4 ai iy fi ; : re Eg UAE LEAL eH | HL eel tan abn é 2 #ys. < s : $= E yte R : Hit Hi 1 ! i if i il i : i Al Ff. i Ady [EE UeEitdy HUT tal ey. Oe Fe HL eA ait fH de ANU eH HE ty ik lan HH Hh HE Hit i iH Ht te il |e dpe leeds Hala Mi AE al , 4 i H nn Hi att te ai; i


20 May 1994

ie i LLG GEE ga i i i it H! i tt ele in i a Hi 1a a TBH i Hit si: rit iat : iF is HEE IN Fit i iH | i i ED Ud ag iy il If ut i i HI ti an I it i ii i ia H et he { Het fH inl i ti Hs it ft ji i +} H ii : Hl if Hil ! Hil! ui TET ii: i feet

He noted that Suriname is a country with a small population. But, he added, it has a reasonable amount of natural resources.

Suriname has possibilities for development, he said, adding, it is possible for the two countries to discuss how

to use Suriname’s high proportion of forest coverage. “I think there is possibility for the two countries to cooperate” in this regard, he said.

FBIS-CHI1-94-098 20 May 1994

On the question of Suriname’s joining the Caribbean Community, Venetiaan said political and economic inte- gration in the Caribbean region would benefit every country of this region.

Suriname is looking forward to joining the Caribbean Community in July this year, he said. It is now an observer of the organization.

Holds Talks With Shanghai Mayor OW 1805130094 Beijing XINHUA in English 1242 GMT 18 May 94

[tent Shonshel, May $8 GERUELAD-Savinnens Pose- Ronald R. Venetiaan and his party arrived here their China visit. In the afternoon, the president paid a visit to newly-built Nanpu bridge and Yangpu bridge, as well as two facto- ries in the company of Wang Zhibao, chairman of the Chinese Government Reception Committee and vice- minister of forestry.

This evening, Huang Ju, mayor of this China’s largest industrial city, met with President Venetiaan and other Surinamese guests. They had a cordial and friendly conversation.

Leaves for Hong Kong 20 May OW2005095 194 Beijing XINHUA in English 0922 GMT 20 May 94

[Text] Guangzhou, May 20 (XINHUA)—Surinamese President Ronald R. Venetiaan and his party left here

today for Hong Kong, ending his visit here.

Guangdong Vice Governor Ou Guangyuan and Vice Minister of Forestry Wang Zhibao, chairman of the Chinese Government Reception Committee, were among those to see the Surinamese guests off at the

President Venetiaan arrived here yesterday from Shanghai. Vice-Governor Ou met with and feted Vene- tiaan and his party. Both sides expressed the wish to

During his stay here, Venetiaan visited a tinned food factory and a hospital.

FBIS-CHI-94-098 20 May 1994

Political & Social

Gus Qichen Inspects Sichuan, Attends Buddha estival

OW 1905 130394 Beijing XINHUA in English

1232 GMT 19 May 94

[Text] Chengdu, May 19 (XINHUA)}—Vice Premier Qian Qichen has called on various places to make big efforts to develop tourism by taking advantage of the favorable situation at home and abroad.

Qian, who also serves as foreign minister, made the call during an inspection tour of Sichuan, where he attended a national tourism conference, toured noted scenic spots and attended the opening ceremony of the Leshan inter- national gigantic stone Mitreya Buddha festival.

Qian said that some Western countries are in economic recession and some countries are in great turmoil and only China has been in steady development and are attracting foreign investors. After the return of Hong Kong in another three years, it would be even more favorable for China to develop tourism.

According to statistics, China’s tourism income from 1978 to 1993 amounted to 32.1 billion U.S. dollars. The vice-premier urged various places to concentrate efforts on improving services, safety and management system.

The vice-premier also called for efforts to develop tourism souvenir products to make China a “shopping paradise”. Qian will continue his inspection of Sichuan today and tomorrow.

Hu Jintao Commemorates Former Henan Cadre

HK2005064294 Beijing RENMIN RIBAO in Chinese 15 May 94 pp I, 3

[Report: “Speech By Comrade Hu Jintao at Meeting To Commemorate 30th Anniversary of the Death of Com- rade Jiao Yulu (13 May 1994)”]

[Text] Comrades:

Today, the Henan Provincial CPC Committee has con- vened a grand meeting to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of Comrade Jiao Yulu. Entrusted by General Secretary Jiang Zemin, I have come to the meeting and, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, to deeply cherish the memory of Comrade Jiao Yulu, to extend heartfelt regards to relatives of Comrade Jiao Yulu, and to express high consideration for fine Communist Party members, fine cadres, and other advanced individuals who have emerged in the great practice of reform, opening up, and socialist modernization and who have carried forward the spirit of Jiao Yulu.


Comrade Jiao Yulu was a good member of the CPC, a

struggle, always linked his heart with those of the people, and maintained the fine quality of a Communist. At the last moment of his life, he was still thinking of how to

Since the Third Plenary Session of the 1 1th CPC Central Committee, under the guidance of Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s theory of building socialism with Chinese

different from those when Comrade Jiao Yulu Sendo. The social environment, working conditions, and peo- ple’s ideology and concepts have also changed greatly. While taking economic construction as the center, building socialist material and spiritual civilization, and promoting another leap in society and history, all party comrades and all the people of the country are constantly making progress themselves. The spirit of the time, which includes emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, energetically making exploration, boldly blazing new trails, carrying out arduous struggle, advancing despite difficulties, learning from foreign


doing arduous pioneering work, and to advocate through great efforts the spirit of Jiao Yulu. It can be said that today, seriously learning from and carrying forward the spirit of Jiao Yulu remains as the demand of our great era, the call by the people of all nationalities throughout the whole country, and the need in strengthening party

The goal of our present stage is to build socialism with party and the whole country at present is to seize the opportunity to deepen reform, open wider to the outside world, promote development, and maintain stability. In learning from and carrying forward the spirit of Jiao Yulu in the new period, we should have our feet firmly planted in the present, have our eyes on the future, and integrate the lofty ideal of realizing communism with Carrying out socialist modernization in a down-to-earth manner. The fundamental objective of carrying out reform and opening up, and of establishing the socialist market economy structure, is to liberate and develop the social productive forces, to strengthen the comprehen- sive national strength of our socialist country, to improve the living standards of the people, and eventu- ally to realize common prosperity. As a genuine Com- munist Party member, one should firmly establish the correct ideal, faith, and outlook on life, unswervingly carry out the party’s basic line of “one center, two basic points,” increase one’s sense of responsibility and mis- sion in building socialism with Chinese characteristics, and give expression to one’s value of life in the course of endeavoring to make greater contributions to reform, Opening up, and modernization.

In learning from and carrying forward the spirit of Jiao Yulu in the new period, we should, as did Jiao Yulu, serve the , establish close ties with

wholeheartedly the people, do everything for the people, and trust and rely on the people in all matters. Comrade Jiao Yulu “had everyone on his mind except himself.” What he thought or did was precisely what the broad masses of people needed most and what he criticized and opposed,

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the people. The masses of people are the source of our party's strength and the basis of the victory of our cause. All party comrades should firmly strike roots among the people and serve the neople well. With the trust and support of the people, the victory of our cause is guaranteed.

learning from and carrying forward the spirit of Jiao period we should, as did Jiao Yulu,

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pay greater attention to grasping the essence of Marxism in emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, study hard, master a scientific world outlook and meth-

as hero before difficulties,” and aroused the determina- tion and fighting will of the people to triumph

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i and tho«ns, blazing new trails, and for forging ahead. In the course of reform and construction, especially when we enc.vunter difficulties, it is even more necessary for us to carry forward the spirit of waging arduous struggle. As Communist Party members, we should not fear hard- ships or dangers and should never recoil with fear and accomplish nothing. We should make unremitting efforts to improve ourselves, do pi ing work, and forge ahead, and should never stick to old ways and cease

In learning from and