-ωωω kk. Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, Paddock Bldg. 100-102 Tremont Street

(also 50-67 Bromfield, 16-18 Bosworth)

Plans from city: R=3 1657 1941 R-23 334 1940 p 133 71936 M-46 1994 1923 B-2 8

341 P-99 1841 1931 0-55 2641 1928 P-99 lj8hl 1931 F-19 1126 1925 P-136 1245 1936

N des. Á-Z. Paddock mag. 101 Iremont St,

Ref: Rand McNally Boston Guide 1919 (F13.5.R246 WM BRL)

Bostons Bldgs. A-Z. Page, Andrew Ae

2 story wooden bakery & store, Norfolk Ave. nr Blue Hill Ave. Dorche

Archs J.H. Burt & Co. 1896

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston, Bldgs. A-Z, F, H. Page Co. 53 Franklin Street (1933)

SEE: Boston Picture File. Address. 13-93 Franklin St.

John C. Paige Insurance Building Kilby Street

ref i 4451.141 Damrell, A half cent, of Boston's building. Oppe pe 442, ext. photo

Boston. Bldgs. Á-Z. John C. Paige (insurance) 20 Kilby Street

Occupied entire bldg.

Refs KING'S HOW TO SEE BOSTON, p.48, photograph, p.49

Boston, Bldgs. A-Z, John C. Paige Bldg.

Photo c.1892 p.15 of F73.7.R A FEW OFFICE BLDGS. IN BOSTON (ref. desk)

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. John C, Paige Building 65 Kilby St.

Ref: 1923 map of office bldgs.

4 DA B v

G.C. Paine and Heirs of Wm. Lawrence (70-7h) Devonshire St.

Devershi r<

bsmt & 5 stories. waler [gank Y Qoo" Archit: N.J. Bradlee Ref: Bradlee, vol. 20, 1869, p1.231-287. Lawrence

1895 Atlas: 71-76 Devonshite, Wm. Lawrence (2 doors

down from Commonwealth Nat. Bk) near Water St. 70-72 Devowhi re , RA. νο, Paine,

Plano » ons elev. 7 8 windows ac A doors 2 dermus A

A οσο νὸ 45 Yranırz pen

ston. Bldgs. A-Z. Bldg. for C.C. Paine & heirs of

70-7); Devonshire St, 7 WM, Lawrence

",.a granite front block, 601x60! containing 2 stores, has been erected, according to designs by N.J. Bradlee. This bldg is owned by C,C, Paine & the heirs of Wm. Lawrence, & cast, above land, $60,000."


Brahmins & Bullyboys. F73.5.R16.

pages nad Photograph LWW,

Boston ¿ro AZ. Paina Purntinns Ορ

» P oun am lr ako ο AS AQ. Wan - E sU Alu Stud g^ exo

Op ai, RIS aus

Paine Furniture Co.

Ref: Interiors. v.104, p.62-5, Oct. 1944, illus. DIOR ο 12

BUILDINGS A-Z, Paine Furniture Co, Boston,Masse

See Boston Post Card File under BUILDINGS A-Z.

Boston. Bldgs.A-Z, Paine's Furniture Manufactory 18 Canal St., cor. 1)1 Friend Street

Illus. from ad section of city directory: SEE: Boston Picture File .

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. Paine Furniture Col 141-163 Friend St; 8-70 Canal Ste,

Ref: Boston Atlas, 1908

Boston. Buildings A-Z. Paine's Furniture Company

Canal, Market and Friend Streets See Craftsmen, Furniture for partial city directory listings ; probably at 48 Canal and 141 Friend

Photocopy of rendering of building in Boston File. (from 8098.4 BRC - original not to be photocopied)

See BLC. 080 Repat

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, Paine Memorial Building Appleton St.

Archit: A. B. Brown

Ref: lithograph in print dept.

Sides A-z. Forme Memerad Old RU Wr obb Lading ρου Muscle ao CIS s. LY Raf Door k

Su Oso ` OW ala Qodu οι As A, ι855᾽ Nn n s 3k Y ana


pm Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, Paine Memorial Bldg.

Archit: A. B. Brown, Worcester

Litho. by Bufford in Print Dept

Soston. u rue i

lus p bb €23. 5:04 M fo Tv KY ΗΝ

Boston, Bldgs. A-Ze Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis (Prudential)

New offices. Archs Warren C. Obes, New York Refs Advertisement

Unmounted Boston File

Boston. Buildings A-Z. Palladio Hall

Corner of Dudley and Warren Streets, Dudley Square Nuestra Communidad Development Corp. plans to rehabilitate

Photo. ALLIANCELETTER April 1997 p.1, photo NA108.B67 B6 67x

Boston, Bldgse ApZe Palmer, Bachelder & Cos 146 Tremont Street

Orig. store burned in fire of 1872, moved to temp qtrs. at 31 Temple Place where remained until new store on Sargent estate on Washington St. was built. Remained there until 1884, when desiring more accessible, moved tc rented quarters on Tremont St.

Illus. of Tremont Ste bldg. in King's Handbook of Boston 1885, pe 352

Bidas NZ u

Parks. Park Commission Building. (shared w. Mass. Horticultural Society.)

Archit: Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, 1887

&IOS. ^.

Boston. Brie rere.

Park Entrance Land Co. 378-330 Commonwealth Ave.

archit: Peabody & Stearns, 1883.

. Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, Lena Park Community Center “150 American Legion Hwy

Wall mural, "Self-Discipline, Family Discipline" by Gary Rickson, 1971

BUILDINGS. A-Z. PARK PLAZA "CASTLE" See Buildings. A-Z. First Corps of Cadets Armory

by William Gibbons Preston

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, Park Square Bldg.

Archit: Densmore, LeClear & Robbins (pre-1927)

Ref: NA715.A25 vol. 1, p.168 Achievem, of NE archits.... illus. & names of contractors & supply firms

p Build mas 0-2. PGI Se uec Badding Muros a John +. Wolcott -- μα,

pes development δα. O. coqutal al, commute ama ULA VAL 5 unreal 1940/41,

RePorsnce ; Ár+ Digest Sept P I,

Boston. Bldgs, A-Z, Park Building 182-184 Boylston, 1_), Park Square

1908 Atlas

Boston, Bldgs. Α-Ζ. Park Sq. Bldg.

zer: CoE APPAL 25, 1417- "Tren Ugs N zz AT PARA


Reston Qro ñ-2. shu wa ko: Aneto Soka En im Ou, AT. Wek ta de compita falo


E Huala 8-28-77 pe-3

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. PARK SQUARE BUILDING Arch.: Densmore & LeClear, 88 Broad St., Boston.

Park Square Building: Boston's Largest Store and Office Building. (F73.8.P377P37 1921x Boston Reserve Folio)

Includes architectural renderings and floorplans for the building, which is slated for completion in 1923. A partial list of occupants and a list of construction materials and equipment suppliers, etc. also noted.

BUILDINGS A-Z. Park Square Building,Boston,Mass, See Boston Post Card File under BUTIDINGS Α-Ζ.

Park Square Office Building

Architect: Edward Dana Densmore (Densmore, LeClear & Robinson)

Boston, Bldgs.A-Z. Park Square Bldg.

Renovation of street-level arcade, Sketch,

Unmounted Boston File

Boston, Bldgse Α-Ζ

Park 54, Bla. NS lg, Aer 1345


Aron}: Peabody + Sean RX! Peabody, m M^ rnm Cad EL

Boston, Buildings A-Z. Park Square Building, Archit: Densmore, LeClear and Robbins, Built, 1927.

SEE: Boston Picture File,

Dosen. Adas A2. C.D. Parker lala. 150 Congress Bidg reet

R 1425 Map £ OS ce Vidas.

Motor Mart Garage. Park Square, 1927.

Architect: Ralph Harrington Doane (he was awarded the Parker Gold Medal of the Boston Society of Architects for this building)

ref: American architect, v.150m June 1937, Dell, filum,

Boston Arch Club Yearbook (1093.78) 1929, p.21, exterior photo.

EL des. Α-Ζ. Parker, Wilder & Cos Winthrop Sq,

SEE: Bldgs. A-Z, Beebe-Weld Bldg.

ΘλΑὰς A-2 Harleston Larker Benedict Chambers Pr prece 47, Corner Bran ed

Archt! Ne J. Bradlee , LEGA See ! Hobel, Band f Bandera

Coden . Rig β-2. er

EN Quel : οἱ : N Qu SQ Doc. "€ egt

Austen (algo A2. Pasa, Nemes : Co KH Fodorot SE votando. Ate dos, + ahte ön Poets? Ev

Νά y dm pia kaadin Mfo... ἣν den

(073. ST Is)

LDES < ) EW Ref l Prat Det, BPL. 1 ou Soc. of reserva fz on of N. 2 An Fi qus hies

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, Parker Memorial Bldg.

Blt. as a Unitarian Church. Now apartments with shops on ground floor. the Bldg. referred to In H, James's THE BOSTONIANS where the suffrage meeting took place.

Ref: taik by James Alexander of So, End, Historical Society @ Boston Architectural Center, Nov. 28, 1979

di y isl: aue ‚NIS CecvexXad. U N nda D ut P va š A Comwmuca / lo eat

Deta. Buas Az 0.0. farker Bida

150 Congress

Ad: Mar & de ae Css AL

> E š LOS = Cs ζώα |

wy (~ 3 τ 3 N mien Sl nye ESC SN

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, Parker Wilder & Co. Winthrop Sq.


See: Boston picture file - bldgs. A-Z.

Boston, Bldgs. A-Z, Parkman Building Archit: Peters & Rice

Re; BRICKBUILDER (4091.240), vol, 13, #10, Oct, 190) P, 215, ext. photo

Home of: Bowdoin Cre.it Co. (1904) L. Weinberg, 8, Finkelstein, clothing

Buildings by name, Parkman building(Henry Parkman Bldg) 4 ceombrihe 39-41 West Street, Bowdoin Sq. ot

Built for Alfred Bowditch, Trustee


> 2o ENS Archit: Tal usa.

p Bldgs. Α-Ζ, Parkman Building

Archit: Peters & Rice

SEE: Boston Picture File

Rel on. do A-2 Park man Estate Franklin» Congress St, N %

A Hdorien + Y τῷ oe

νοὶ. 28. 1374 9.105 - 15$

Archit < NWS, Brad e WT. Winslow 1907 AVao- 163 Frank 9 167 Core eie -

Geo, Y. VakRman , 4 AN eto

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. PARKMAN HOUSE “Grandeur of a new nation.”


Boston Picture File

Boston. Bldgse Α-Ζο Parks, Albert Je 3 story wooden store and 2 fam. dwelling, Blue Hill Ave. Roxb, cor Dove St.

Arch: James F. Smith 1888

Ref: BldgeInsp.Repe (ses address Card)

Boston Bldgs. A - Z Parkway Bldg, 1258 Washington St. cor. Poplar


R. D. Severy photographs

Boston Bldgs, A - Z Parkway Building 4254-4262 Washington

St. Roslindale

R. B. Severy photorraphs ( 9 x 10 )

Boston, Bldgse Α-Ζ. Horace Partridge & Co. (whlsale toys 51, 53, 55, 57 Hanover Street

Orig. store on Federal Street; 1885 opened large retail store at 497-499 Washington Ste Bldg. on Hanover streets

BUILDINGS Α-Ζ, Store for Horace Partridge & Co.

XZ Temple Pl. 59

Arch: Rand & Taylor, c. 1888.

Ref: AABN, vol. 24, Vet. 20, 1888, pe xvii.

Boston, Bldgs A-Z. Horace Partridge.

See: Boston, Address. 1-61 Temple Place c. 1870

Lata (809 Jut AA pode M over k O

Ref loade May... (Sorten e7t

Dtm. Brags Α-Ζ

Patseades Building 1874 NeWe Corner of Washington & Boylston Stse

torn down 1968

Boston. Buildings A-Z. Paulist Center

Date: 1956 6 story brick structure.

Renovations made in Center by Ann Beha Assoc.

REF: FAITH AND FORM, Fall 1990, p. 17-18, photo of chapel before renovations and model of renovated


= Bldgs A-2. Pavilion [W dling

J.A. Brodhead

(1858 Dir. Josiah A. Brochead & Co. auctioneers, 53 Tremont St. h.Pavilion)

(53 Tremont St. (Pavibion Bldg.) (Phillips Pl. fr. 57 Tremont St.) 6 stories X fd

Archit: N.J. Bradlee

Ref: Bradlee. vol.6, 1858, pl.20h5213.

1895 Atlas; 55 Tremont-Albert E. Sise et a}, Pavilion Assoc. (1 bldg. in from Beacon St

Viano: λεν, m Philips Place obewins prrpised alas Lum “Paw lion Bulan N Plan À aacoy Ahory -Abewing alteratino- includes 4 ch amk,

bath, mechen e dini rem. 3r4,4 Hh, Sthechh Paors have chambers, dining rum lhe kak kasa l I

Flais de ms) agi with 1575 Atan

Poen Boldi f For al f Faudion boldng (A 1553 an nin Picture Ele N Ad dacs. Tremont SI

Boston Bldgs. Α-Ζ, Fawnshops.

ref: Bos Globe. December 26, 1974. p. 55 "Pawnshops not what they used to be."

unillustrated article describes the demise of pawnshops in Boston.

Boston, Bldgse «2.

Peabody "Avast Go Remodeling Banking Quaderno EE δὴ

f21,2 45

Aroa: Peabody + Shean Ρε. Versor, a Cad File

Bostone Bldgse A-Ze Payson, Samuel Re 27-29 Kingston Ste

Arch: J. & H.M, Harmon

Blärs LePe Soule 1878

Refs Bldg.Dept. Documents packet, City Hall

UR Qu > N ceo Delsol ! ex A eus d]

44S seo - bed, μάς Gad) Mas Marge ps πα Ñ. Sa Qo al

Rof: Ms: Coats

Boston, Bldgs. A-Z. Elizabeth Peabody Settäement House

photo in Boston Pict. File, Schools,

AZ. Pond SEQ f (ne b. Qui. Shy c^ Cos ots

lo [-103 Poa 2 Agua) d LO d re pit ON Sedin Almen (ές

Boston. Bldgse A-Z. Pearmain & Brooks - Stock Brokers

SEE: Boston Stock Exchange Bldge (located within)


Besten. Oldas nc. W H. Fear son Co. Boots and Εν ΜΝ

der. aloo rt Themis Lamá 2/ 23 Temple Fees.


AAA: ἵν. ὁ, Bra λίος

(3 . ba Peewee at τος Adam

nen _

Red: Bag o Bal gans AW

Boston. Bldgs.A-Z. Peerless Motor Car Co. Bldg.

Archit: Andrews, Jaques & Rantoul

Photo, pes & details, BRICKBUILDER, Vol. 21, Άι plate

Peerless Motor Car Co, Bldg, Andrews, Jacques & Rantoul, arch.


Brickbuilder 4091.240 vol. 21 no. 4 EXEKXXXIXX Apr. 1912 pl. 55 ext & plans

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. Pekin Tea Company, Hyde Park

See: Boston Picture File. Bldgs. A-Z. Pekin Tea Co. photo: early 20th or late 19th Cent. photo.

Bldgs. A-J. Pekin Tea Company Hyde Park

SEE: Boston Picture File

Bldgs. Á-Z. Thomas Pelham!s Bakehouse

Boylston St., cor, Carver St,

SEE: Boston Picture File. Address. Tremont St. 1800

Bostone Buildings Α-Ζ. Wm. Pelkus (printer?)

see: Boston. Address, 4-60 School Street, P c. 1870

Boston, Bidas. A-Z. Pemberton Bldg. = Fehmer & Page, Arch.

Refs. Boston Arch. Club Yearbook *4095.78 1904 pg. 50 ext, illus,

Boston. Bldgs, A-Z. Pemberton Building 20 Pemberton Square

Ref: 1923 map of office bldgs,

εὐ 1811 pass

Quies. ET Α-2. Ponto Female Sp

Penr Mutual Bldg. B V. Seeler, arch.

alMilk st.

Brickbuilder 4091.240 vol. 14; July 1905 pg» 153 no. 94 entrance pg. 152 ‘Boston Brickwork Comm, & ἄξααχχ Miso.' vol. 13 no. 7 July 1904 pg. 150 ext. Built of Hydraulic-Press laid Flemish Bond Terra Cotta by Conkling-Armstrong Terra Cotta Co, American Architect & Building News, v.85, p.72, p1.1196, Aug. O 1904, illus.


Boston. Budd inga 0-2. Penn Mutval Bldg. ext. photo


Boston Arch. Club Yearbook *4093.78 1904 pg. 129

Soda ^. Bdge 8-2, own μα

O. 2.4. Sober

Cato 3 oane PII Qach vuo yku Mo

Boston, Bldgs. Α-Ζ. Penn Mutual Bldg. 2h Milk S+,

Ref: 1923 map of office bldes,

Boston. Bldgs. À-Z. Penn Mutual Building 2l Milk Street

Archit: E/ V. Seeler

SEE: Picture File.

Boston, Bldgs. A-Z, Penn Mutual Life Insturace Co. 18-2}, Milk St, cor. Sewall Place

Bit. 1903 Archit: Phil Seeler Construction co: Frank Roberts Co,

11 stories, Take dom permit: March 20, 1972

Boston, Stores,

Pennell, Gibbs and Cuiring Co, 203 Clarendon S}.

Archit: H, B. Pennell

Ref: American Architect. v.119l, no. 2362, p.391, 393, Mar. 3, 1921, illus., plan.

Boston. Bldgs. 4-2. Perry Building

Archit: C. H. Blackall (attribution uncertain)


Court St, before 1871.

See: Buildings A-Z, Scollay's Building.

Doston , was N -2. Estate of William S. Perry

See: Merchants Insurance Co, of New Jersey.

Archit: Bradlee & Winslow, 1873

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. Peters Bldg.(Anthony & Son) 16 Lincoln 1895

See: Boston picture file - Bldgs. A-Z

Aalen Eg A-2. Sau» T A.J, Peters

Forest Hills. Block & Stores.

A. J. Peters

archit: Parker, Thomas & Rice

Roker, . har A-Z.

E. Do Peters Franklin St. 5 stories & bmt. Archit; N.J. Bradlee Ref: Bradlee, vol. 18, 1868, pl.1-11+ Plans : AY Sas e " Jj floor. nhit

zrd `“ Δα’, room 3r4 id t %

Besten Oldas Rz.

E. D. Peters (121-23) Franklin St. 5 stories bsmt, 2 demo in fren elev. front elev caly -reat au part, anlko Archit: N.J. Bradlee + Ww Y, Win slow Ref: Bradlee, vol. 26, 1873, pl.l0-57.

1695 Atlas, pl.2: There is no 121-3 Franklin, would be part of Franklin Bldg. 117-119 Franklin, corner of Federald Dosen ecm te beid

Bldg. Permit: for 117-125 Franklin & 63-67 Federal,

5 3 stories, Rand, Avery Supply Co. owners in 1917.

Ades. AZ. Palin awl? ' Co ri hrima)

(eral. q aia peu Cab 40.57. 6

Boston, Bldgs. A-Z, Pettingell-Andrews Cop Bldg.

Archit: Thomas M. James Co. (pre-1927)

Ref: NA715 .A25 Vol. 1, p.186 Achievm. of NE Archits... dwg & names of contractors & supply firms

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. Petts Building 157 Portland St.

REE: Boston Atlas, 1908

Boston, Buildings A-Z, Pevwear, Charles A, l story wooden bldg, - 2 stores, 800 Adams St.Dorch. Bldrs Arthur H. Pierce, 1886

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Bldgs. Α-Ζ. H. J. Pfaff Brewery = Roxbury

Offices @ 16 Arch St, cor. Milk Ste

Lithograph in Cab, 81.18.5 by C. Knatz'sche Druckerei, Frankfurt, 1875.

Another lithograph by A. Trochsler & Co., lithographers,

Boston, 1876. Drewn by C. W. Reed. Men in wine cellar tapping a keg,

Bldgs. A-Z. Phalanstery

SEE: Associations. "Brook Farm" in Boston Picture File,

Bldgs. 4-2. Office for Dr. J. W. Phelps (1855) 63 Tremont St.

SEE: Boston Picture File, Address. Tremont St. 1855

Boston. Bldgs.A-Z. Philbrick & Carpenter 38h Washington St.

SEE: Boston File. Address. 300-108 Washington St. (Oversize)

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, Phillips & Sampson (Law, classical Washington St, & School books)

Street view, c.1855, p.170-71 of NA710.G53 (top row) EARLY ILLUS...AM. ARCHRE.

Reiten. Ado 852. OD. Ph I a 52

d d. à bm en €23,32, (57443 ¡991 Recta, Dio mama. 7 Š. Qe

* (Paadid Stat

a ST Sis.

Muela : Muda Y Wane 192) entes Nd) wo baue, Boxes NP A

Soe, OMA

ostan Pidas Az Wendell Tubs ex d

44 Chavacu - e Alps ER

Qd 113 Mas £ Office bldgs,

Founded an Cooks Query (820

Mu. ukya ` pa ESS =

ekan . AE eM Le Penn | Dd Eu, 115% 0Qoweree QU

Pear Sd A-Z. lemas Sui Ορ. Sri LM Toena

Osan Va AZ, μας eg:

. 52-56 gei unis 76 Yo (K

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, Phoenix Building 52-56 Devonshire, 22-2); Congress Sq.

REF: Boston Atlas, 1908

Boston. Buildings A-Z. PHoenix BUilding Early name of Prince Building

See Buildings A-Z. Prince Buildinng

ORSON. Rides KT. Dt

M νο, KA - a M ti s ent A VEL Missae (ler

wee) Y "3.

Boston. Bldgs. A-2. Phoenix Life Ins. Co. Archit of offices: Larkin, Glassman & Prager Assocs,

Ref: firm brochure (rec'd 1980)

U.S. MA . Boston . Bldga A-Z. Photographie Resource Carta

602 Commonwealth bue

Arch: Alex Kriegen and Anden Leara-

Conversion of banamont inte g na ia E ooa


Rag `- PRC News M liz.


Clicking into place: the Photographic Resources Center

raises its image with help from Alex Krieger and Leers, Weinzapfel Associates. INTERIORS, April 1986:168-171.

Col. illus., floorplans.

Liccldects: Andrea Leers ied Mex MG eec. Kecel ve abe Ha Ἂςρος £ Miu mw δ-ὰ tu [fe fesos

οὖ: Yf Cutler (wa 1550) e 10.

Map Α-Ζ. Store for D.N. Pickering

Sees Eliot St. Block

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. Piano Craft Building 791 Tremont Street

SEE: Chickering Bldg


Boston. Bldgs. A-2. C.B, Pickett merchant tailor 1,08 Washington St.

SEE: Boston file. Address. 300-08 Washington St.

Boston, Bldgs. A-& Ficken, Dudley ka

NN aeca Yi eno la Fake SÄ. 1102 -25, 277

Ότι Blda 199 ZA 1355

Ardd: alla e Neama Red: Pandora 2 Shearro Card Ele

Besten Gd. A-2 Pickman, Dudley L.

16-20 Summer St. (near Hawley St.) See: Thorndike, J.H, 1574

- Mersch Alo Besten . ido A 2.

Sas : Ratte Karassa

Boston. Buildings Α-Ζ. Pierce Arrow Auto Dealership

1065 Commonwealth Avenue; now a Star Market.

1929 Harold Field Kellogg, original architec

one of the few reaminaing outstanding examples of Art Deco architecture in Boston.

See Buildings. A-Z. Star Market

Minato B blogrph

Ten, É Col. ZZ area

AW us ἀλέα ron, BHF zoey

Bldg Az, Henry L. Liria A dane Dt. Ma, 24 W aa hig Pr 0 ve A, Henry L, Pierce arki. ΄ (Bradler ), wow er E TM PE Yamı KAA, alslss 1208-1214 Adan A+

Batan. Nano hex. Pines NAL


Mb @ SCH. ZA,

Gaston . (izo ^-2. Pare MUY So. al Dokun Chocolat Taste,

Besten. Qidep A-2. Fierce, Henry Z. tog, Large eee MN fyre έ./4,, Archit: MW. J. Brad fee

kf: Bradle, vol 23 JEZ Z

Per ce M: II wipao ADAMS s y choc -ol ntl m TE g

Boes AZ » Belding os Henry V. Rere

CR! Boten CA, Directory :

Be: From 1919 Wiska, Wad 24

& Xs addtess AX + dee; look a) N ecc Were

|: VS S ANlas, here 1s n Bakes C. N & co, Mee X kag age .

TBuuDINGES A-Z ; Balding ar Newry V. Bierce |

C3: 1893 Boden Cay Directory > ie- Henry Vena Cw Baker Co) e ees Manor, y 98 Se W. 1833 Viredory ERAN 874 Di rectory Game) A

BUILDINGS A-Z, Henry Le Pierce, chocolate mill

1208 Adams St. ho vv (200 A A ams y +


Arch: Winslow Wetherell, 1888-9.

Ref: Danrell, Half Century e o «o 4451.141.4, Pe 809 cost:$250,000.

Belki > 47 fraze Mil] H /

BUILDINGS A-Z, Building for Henry L. Pierce (oec 1219) # 1245 Adáne JJ Now corner of, Washington St. and Baker's Court,

Arch: Winslow 4 Wetherell, 1891-2.

Ref: Damrell, “alf Century»... 4451.141.A, p. % 6. another building for Henry L. Pierce's chocolate mill facilities. brick. cost: $135,000.

Baker Ma \ | ¿ A wr 4-5 Aw. Th Cocoa x Ck ec We Ve, w δε > Cu "H 19410

Boston, Buildings A-Z. Pierce, Henry L,

Chocolate Mill - 6 story brick, 1208 Adams St. Archs Winslow & Wetherell Bldrs James Smith - mason,

Ira B, Hersey - carpenter 1889

Refs Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

Boston, Buildings A-Z, Pierce, Henry L,

2 story brick refrigeration bldg. (Walter Baker factory) 1208 Adams St. rear

Arch: Winslow Vetherell

Bldrs Thomas Lyons 1889

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

BUILDINGS Ar Building Sar Henry, N Riera, er Ca, Direktor: 1818: (under ehecaaYe mand: W. “Boker. 20% ate

aj »

Rae i in od it ης š u n u 2 aN Sale {SLO `` n

sq " g Ab Š Market

διὰ. A-2 or L. Pace 4/33/1903

Pe nahe M. Í A dam Dr. Pn d A k u 4 ore. όν se

OV ° WA le, βαλει + lo. Hd.

arch 4. 2 Radda a + Br ow

bri A 9) Atone μή Mt Arf rebar

/ AT for holy +

Bigelow fuh t2 Ava 4

Pese Billige fie, Many E-

Pansows Sk AJ.

WIS rg Lon ST peo adds card

Boston. Bldgs. Α-Ζ. Pierce Farm

SE:: Hospitals. Iunatic Asylum @ Pierce Farm, W, Roxbury

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, S. S. Pierce Co. Brookline Avenue

Archit: Monks & Johnson (pre-1927)

Ref: NA715.A25 vol. 1, p.19l Achievm. of NE archits... photo & names of fontractors & suppliers

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, S. S. Pierce Court Street,cor. Tremont St.

Original location of S.S. Pierce co. George Washington lodged in this bldg. in 1789.

Signs on bldg. indicate that C.F. Sleeper & J.R. Richards, architects maintained their offices here.

Illus; from photograph in F.73.3.58 page 21 Boston: 100 years (@ FA Ref Desk)

Coden. Aiden δ-2 pA e

κ», see Nt, 1867 ires ER



: Weerrhreccas, Suam voe

Ce, 1080)

4 Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. S. S. Pierce Co. Copley Sq.

photo in Whitehill. Top. Hist. p. 196.


Boston. Bldgs. À-Z. 5. S. Pierce Store pley Square

Archit: Edwin Tobey, 1887


S.S Pierce Bldg. Euntington Aves Copley Square, 1887

Architect: S, Edwin Tobey razed 1958 Refs, 4451.141 opp. pg. 50. -一 Damrell. A half century of Boston's building, exterior.

Arch. Club Yearbook 11093.78 1891 ext, illus, p 2


Boston, Bldgs. A-Z, S'S. Pierce Bldg. Copley Square

photo c.1892 p.31 of F73.7.RL A FEW OFFICE BLDGS. IN BOSTOB (ref-tesk) | BRC

Boston, Bldgs.A-Z. Pierce, S.S.

First store corner of Tremont and Court Sts, 1031. Ref: Ask the Globe, 7/31/77

Unmounted Boston File

Bldgs. Α-Ζ. S, S. Pierce 14h Tremont Street

Archit of store-front: John M, Hatton, c, 1913

SEE: Boston Picture File

BUILDINGS A-Z S.S, Pierce Co, Boston,Mass,

See Boston Post Card File under BUILDINGS A-Z.

FC 912

Boston.Stores. S.S, Peifce, Tremont St., John Matthew Hattom, N.Y., arch. (1941)

Interiors(6092,212)Apr.1942:38-41 5 illus.: exteriors,interiors,

FC 912

Boston.S+ores, S.S. Pierce Co.Store, Tremont St., John Matthews Hatton, architect.

Architectural Record(4090.273)0ctober 19424 Modem ideas serve & Boston tradition. 4 illus. Exterior,interiors. Floor plen.

BUTLDINGS A-Z, S.S. Pierce (Pierce Hall) A

corner of Huntington Ave. and Dartmouth St. Arch: S. Edwin Tobey, 1887-89.

Ref: Varmell, Half Century.... Wlj51.141.A, p. 72. brick building with stone trimmings.

contains, besides one of the finest halls in the city, a large number of offices with stores upon the ground

floor. property of Wallace L, Pierce. cost 225,000

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. Pierce, Silas.

small illus. in the Book of Boston. Vict. Per F73.44.R823 page 68

F13 44 QG 2 3

Boston. Bldings A-Z. Pierce Building (Copley Square)

Address given by Curtis and Cameron, Publishers in 1899 announcement. See One-Man File index. (GALLE κι)

Boston, Bldgs. A-Z. Pierce, Silas

3 story 3 fam. and 1 store wooden bldgs. 64, 66, 68 and 72 Hampshire St. Roxbe

Arch: G.F. Crosby

Bldr.: L. Lawier 1891

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, 5.8, Pierce Tremont, Cor. Court

This is on site of Washington's lodgings on his visit in 1789. The S.S. Pierce bldg. wis blt» 1884 & is illus. in KING'S HANDBOOK OF BOSTON, pel3

nn < Yiecce < <,

“\remer\ + Court


Beadle, [Zo u + We Her! dio: Hemenway I dg.

Bldgs. A-Z, Silas S, Pierce Bldg. Tremont St,

SEE: Boston Picture File. Address. Tremont St. 1855

Boston. Bldgs. A-Ze Pierson Cordages Coe

2 story brick manuf. bldg. Kemble St. nr Gerard Ste Archs W.H.H. Whitney

Bldrs Webster Dickson & Co. 1889

Refs BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

BUILDINGS A-Z, Building for E.W. Pike.

Franklin St. (west of the Joshua Sears Building.) (between Bo + Hawley Ste.) C837

Ref: Damrell, Half Century e... /451.111.A, p. 17. plain, undressed granite structure, 86 by lO feet.

Boston, Bldgss A-Z, Pike, Mrs, Sarah

3 story 3 fan. wood dwelling & store, 177-179 Dudley St. Rox.

Arch: J.F. Holton 1889

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)


Boston, Bldgs. A-Z. Pilot House i Whartf

Blt. 1863 Conversion to restaurant & en by Carl Koch,

1971 Restaned Called « UD enor"

Ref: B.S.A.: ARCHITECTURE BOSTON, 1976, p.41,45, αν

Boston, Bldgs. 4-2. Pilot House 38 50 Eastern Ave,

Blt. 1863 Archit. unknown

illus & description in BLC Report: North End/Vaterfront (July 1980)

Boston, Bldgs. A-Z, "The Pilot" cor. Washington & Essex Sts,

Founded 1838. Catholic newspaper


Guster dey Az Alu Pt

Coraideud) a prep eek, pagar, 188S EE heading My... efte ps

Boston. Buildings A-Z. Pinebank

SEE ALSO: Houses.

Boston, Buildings A-Z Pinebank Recreation Bldg.

Feasability Study Arch: Richard White

Bosim Building Pinkham, GF Bond AR off Hard ST, beech

ARQ addons coud)

Poste Sand to fap alma


> de a cm: Falk, prt, de. P. er ord | | nh VUA. «η, p "- Papa Ur

Boston, BldzseA-Ze Piper, Erastus E.

3-4 story brick light manuf, bldge 99-101 West

Brookline Ste Arch: owner 1896 i

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

Boston, Bldes.A-Z. Piscopo, Benjamin

l story 6 fam. 2 stores brick bldg. 31-33 Maverick Sq. BeBe

Arch: West & Granger

Bldr: John McCormack 1900

Ref: see address card

pidas A-2. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Portland, Market & Merrimac Sts.

Archit: C, H. Blackall

ref: Boston Arch. Club Yearbook 1093.78 1910, p.177

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. Plant Shoe Factory. Jamaica Plain

ref: Boston Sun Her Adv. July 10, 1976. Pictorial Living Magazine. "Blowin! in the wind..." about windmill- energy research done by R. Daley & R. Zeidman, photos in Boston Bict. File (unmounted) show windmill on roof.

Belem . 4942 Pante Shue E n '

Mus un uote QA i N e ee o

Boston, Bldgs. Α-Ζ. Plant Shoe Factory. Jamaica Plain burned Feb., 1976

At the time of the fire the building was being used as artists! studios. Following is a list of newspaper items about the fire and its aftermeth:

Herald-American: Feb. 2, h, 5, 15. Globe: Feb. 3, h, & 6.

some photographs were clipped and are kept in Bost, Pict. File. Bldgs. A-Z. unmounted.

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. Thomas G. Plant Shoe Factory Bickford Street, (near Center) Roxbury

Blt. 1896 by Safford Added on to several times in 1908 & 1910

Ref: conversation between Miss Connolly & Bill Gurney of the Bldgs. Dept. 3.76

SEE ALSO: Roxbury Atlas, Plate 21 and refs. to illus. in BOSTON VIEWS: AN INDEX, p 140.

Boston. Bldgse A-Z, Plant Shoe Factory (JP)

see also bldgs A-Z. Lofts.

TIA F or Fitisburgh Plate Glass Co. ii οσα MEN +-Merrimac <

«+ Boston Arch. Club.

X 4093.78 - 1905 - pa. aad

gut tcl mauu Vw

bldg MITE EN sU adv. Apittz urqu rata Giass Go »

Ml. CH Ῥΐοε νο JE.

Catan late Gio» Go. < J, Peur λλοσδάλνιας, Ss, “Russ. Bodom And CQL oo

3X 409, 13 - 1910- mn

Boston. Buildings A-Z. Pledge of Allegiance Building.

Also called: Youth's Companion Building. Sawyer Building.

Boston. Buildings A-Z. Pledge of Allegiance Building.

SEE ALSO: Youth's Companion Building.

Sawyer Building.

BUILDINGS, A-Z The Pledge of Allegiance Building

Per patron, building at 209 Columbus is currently called The Pledge of Allegiance Building.

Architect: H.W. Hartwell and W.C. Richardson, 1890-92

Boston, Bldgs. A-Z. Plymouth Building 110 State Street

Ref: Rand McNally Boston Guide 1929

US Arch. MA. Boston. 619 94 Nx.

John & Polani amd Sons To poatrie s, by Nancy Hoffman Installed 6-ss

Into [Photo in Amari canm Croft a-83l^$6, p. 12

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z, A.W. Pollard (Merchant Tailor) 6 Court Street

Illus from 1865 City directory, Boston Picture File, Address, 6 Court Street,

Potter Building

Ref? Boston 1895 Atlas, plate 13. 202 , 208 Boylston St., owned by W.B. Potter

ho Phe “Bin kka VN Me Cà, Diredig, A s aA ] v 9 ; J 513 9,39.

Boston. Bldgs. Α-Ζ. Se Se Pierce Building Huntington Ave, cor, Dartmouth St.

Archit: Edwin A, Tobey, 1887

SEE: Boston Picture File. Illus from BOSTON OF TODAY 1892

Boston. Bldgs. A-Z. Pond Building ` 3l, Merchants Row

Ref: 1923 map of office bldes,




23 The Pond Building at Merchants Row and South Market Street Tevgals the influence of Alexander Parris, architect for the neighbor- ing 1824 Faneuil Hall Markets. Like E the Markets, the Pond Building, which dates from o 2: 1853, is of load-bearing anii» block construc- tion in the Greek Revival style. However, the newer building is more austere than the Markets. Boston popularly recognizes it as Sanborn's Fish Market.


| "ag Burned y ἐωοωίζδωώ oreg fa a lona

Νου, 1979

(ή: Lat jon Rebel Se alfo

Bostone Bldgs. Α-Ζ.

Pope Bldg. Peabody & Stearns arche Tuu Pop Be 1ἀνοο by Y+

Refs. Al i. B2. i And 2 Brickbuilder :¿409152%0 vol. 6 Mar. 1897 pg. 59 ext. vol. 2. nov. 1893 pg. 104 yt? ext,

Is Inland Architect and News Record. v. 18, no.6, Voge Jan. 1892, plate.

Nevo ce Oodd. ; 11. Oa Aa

DN Ava

Boston. Bldgse A-Z

Pope Junai o boring Company Building Columbus Avenue Peabody + Shearnre

+ 2 Ref: yS bldg ;

4451.141 Damrell. A half century of Boston's building Oppe pe 411, ext. illus.

Bostone BUILDINGS A-Z, Popè Bicycle Buildinge

219, 221, 223 Columbus Ave., corner of Morgan St. Arch: ,

Ref: Damrell, Half Centurye... 4451.141.A, pe 84. grey Indiana sandstone, cream-colored brick, and rich terra cotta ornamentationse

οι 2

15} bid g

Boston. Buildings A-Z. Pope Building

221 Columbus Ave.

Robert Severy photographs.

8"x11" Files.

SEE: Address. 221 Columbus Ave.

Boston, Bldgs. Α-Ζ.

Pope, Col. ALA | OX ve Bdg Columbus Ave. 18 97

195,69 |

Ax. : Pedo, ον πα RA: Perdad, + $ herno Carol File Bud Bal

Boston. Buildings Α-Ζ. Pope Building

221 Columbus Ave, Address of Cowles Art Institute, 1899/1900. Info from 1899/1900 catalogue. See One-Man File index.

Boston, Blägs. A-Z, NPope Manufacturing Company 597 Washington Street

Ref: King's Handbook of Boston 1885, p. 340-1. Descriptic of co's famous Columbia hikes. No illus.

, Popa Alam [


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